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Hep C @ Chirrosis

Oct 16, 2009 - 0 comments

Hep C Issues

On the 15th of Oct I went back to see Dr Chiptini, to tell him I wanted to be put on a trial cause I am a 2 time non-responder to the Interferon and Riberviron, this last time around I got very sick and had to go to the ER 2 times, I stopped taking it in April, he (the Dr.) was aggitated with me and kept referring that I wasn't compling, I told him the Interferon wasn't working he said that it hardly ever does when the patient has Chirrosis but that he keeps them on it because it still HELPS..Sorry the dis-comfort and confusion and pain was too much for me, the 1st time I just breezed right through it but was told that they weren't continuing it after 30 weeks cause my viral load went from 3.000.000 to 800 and at 30 weeks it should be zero? Go figure, I didn't know as much as I do now about this hep C. I would have stayed on it till38 weeks!! Well now I have early Chirossis and was told I can go either way into liver failure, or remain where I am now up to 10-15 yr's? i feel I will hover around getting sicker for another5 yr's anyone's guess after that! So anyway my Dr. gave me a referral to meet with a Hepotogist who gives trials (Yay) and transplants..The date is Feb 2010, ealiest I can see him. I truly feel I am being pushed around cause there's no cure for me(stem cell isn't allowed yet for a new liver) at my age I have no shot for one anyway. I just don't want to start throwing up blood and all the other nasty stuff that occurs with this disease, and YES I am alone and scarred and don't want to even think about dying, the people around here who swear they like me really don't , my husband walked out on me and he swears to me last week he wants to take care of me? Sure, so he can collect my life insurance after he disposes of me the cheapest way he can find! It HURTS but I know it's the truth, married to him for 19 years and for what? never mind I don't want to go there....Thanks anyone for reading this!!

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