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Finally more help

Oct 18, 2009 - 4 comments

I just wanted to take a few minutes to update all of you on how things are going now.  The Zoloft is working pretty good. And my Physiciatrist said I could take an extra Klonopin for anxiety or worse depression. And our IM Dr. said he can't take me off any of my meds he has me on. Mentally I am having a few more good days. As for the pain it is worse. In fact when I saw my Physiciatrist he said I should use my scooter more than my walker to save some energy. He recommended a book that will help Mike and in safety, understanding, ADA for ramps for my scooter. We just can't afford to buy a new ramp. I also got a pamplet on all ADA  requirements and measurements. So actually we don't need as long a ramp as he thought and I will not have to change anything in my garden. And the ramp will not be in the middle of the walkway that goes through our garden to the 2 cottages behind us.

My hubby Mike had an appt. with our IM Dr; and he was prescrbed Klonopin also. And was referred to Physiciatrist for his anxiety and depression he has had since we have been married. He also has been referred to see and Orthopedic Surgeon for his knees ( No Cartilage in knees). And on 10-29-09 Thursday he is going for some tests, Endoscopy & Signoscopy . I need to find away to get us to the hospital and back home because our car is broken.  The good news is he Klonopin is helping his mood, and he is calmer and more like the young man I married. I feel bad he is in so much pain from his knees. Please keep Mike & I in your prayers. He will see his Social Worker Nov. 3rd. I go see my new one on Nov.10th.

We are really working on living with our medical issues together. We are doiing better everyday so far.  I just can't seem to pace myself. Any suggestions? I start doing 1 chore and then end up doing more house cleaning. I am trying to do only one big chore a day, that is what my Home Health Care Physical Therapist told me to do. If I do  laundry, she said that is it for the dayl boy this not easy. I am the kind of person who just wants to get ii all done.
Doctors are telling me I need to save my energy, sleep, take naps rest. I am really trying. It is my fault that I am is so much pain and exhausted. So starting tomorrow I seriously am going to work on pacing myself.

I am trying to get on MH everyday, because I miss you all. I am here if anyone needs to talk or visit.  At the moment we are just taking our days minute by minute, day by day.  Mike knows that there are days he needs to help me more because I just can't do anything or barely use my can or walker in the house. I may have use my power scooter inside.  God will be there for us I just need to quit closing the door on him and all of you. I need you and I need to be there for anyone who needs help.  It helps me if I can help out also.  I want to come back I am so lonely without you. I am emotionally better so what do you say?

I do have a question has anyone else with Fibro. have had trouble focusing with their eyes. By the middle of the day and at night is very hard to focus, everything blurry. I just got new glasses.

Okay my MH friends & family I need to get into bed. Hope all of you sleep well:) I will check in with you tomorrow or Monday.

Hugs to all.

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572651 tn?1531002957
by Lulu54, Oct 18, 2009
Hi shar,
and welcome back. how about sticking around this time?  LOL

I'm glad the meds are working for you and Mike.  that is so important.

take care - sorry I can't write much right now, but now I care about you and your family.

my best,

559187 tn?1330786456
by Sarahsmom46, Oct 18, 2009
Hi Shar,

My heart is leaping with joy right now to hear that you are doing better.  All each of us can do it take one day at a time hopeful that today will be better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today.  Keep doing what you are doing to get more good days and I hope your husband will also benefit from the medication.  

I do have a question about the scooter.  How is the scooter working out for you?  My doctor has suggested getting one to help with conserving my energy.  We are looking at a motorized wheelchair, but a scooter seems less cumbersome.  Let me know if you think a scooter is a better bet.

Thanks for updating us on how you are doing and keep moving in this very positive direction.

Be well,


525545 tn?1293184794
by SharJ, Oct 18, 2009

Thanks Julie for your support and caring for my hubby and myself. I appreciate it very much and my hubby does also:) We are working on feeling better a little each day. It is going to take time so we just go minute by minute, day by day. And cherishing each day we have together. We married now for 37 years. I know we /I still have some very rough days ahead.

My power scooter is working great for me. It does not take up much space in our bedroom. I can get through all of doorways except the bathroom. If we go out it breaks down into 4 pieces and fits into the trunk of our car. I think if I remember it weighs only 88 pounds total. If you go to my profile page and look at the photos you will see me in a couple of photos with me on my little red scooter. My brand is GOGO ULTRA X and is a 3 wheeler. I really wanted a 4 wheeler but this one still has worked out for me. I talked to a couple of doctors regarding a scooter and a mobility wheelchair, and a physical therapist. My PT said that most all mobility wheelchairs will be able to function very well in a home, apt., etc.because the doorways are not wide enough. They are large and take  up a lot of space plus you would have to lift installed on the back of your car. I just break down my scooter into the trunk and we are gone. Mine holds a charge fairly long. It is very comfortable to use and easy to operate. I am going to probably going to have to start using mine more inside instead of using my cane and walker.
I bought mine from The Scooter Store It was a floor model which was cool because they took some off the price. Here is their  Phone # 800-685-5798  I went online and checked them out and for prices.  They were the best buy  they are a national chain. Make sure you have a prescription for a power scooter or mobility  wheelchair which they also sell. If you have a Dr's. Prescription you don't pay any sales tax! d I hope I answered your question, given you more information. Good Luck, go look at mine on my profile page. It has been nice for me to be able to help you.

If I can Help further let me know.


525545 tn?1293184794
by SharJ, Oct 18, 2009
Laura I sent you a private message.

Love, Shar

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