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Follow up on post tx

Jun 09, 2008 - 0 comments



post tx



My last post had me checking my IGF-1 numbers.  Well I did and they were low normal - 85 I think.  My testosterone was plain old low - about 200.  Everything else is fine.  Got to see the endocronologist about this and he dismissed the idea of treating the pituitary problems.  He said that I was low normal not low and didnt see that treating this would do any good.  He did address the low testosterone which he prescribed androgel to treat at 10mg per day.  I have been using this for a week and must say I am feeling better.  The feelings of doom and gloom seem to be waining.  I am having none of the strange sides that I had when I took the androgel last year.  Perhaps the sides last year were more from tx issues than from the androgel.  Goes to show, sometimes its not what you take to help your recovery but when you take it.  I will check in later.  

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