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labor & delivery

Oct 19, 2009 - 3 comments

now that i have more time i thought that i would share my delivery story.  so last monday night i thought that i was leaking pee, everyone told me that it is uncommon for your water to break b4 labor begins, and also that first babies rarley come early.  so i was pretty much in denial that i was about to begin labor and would be holding my son that day!  within a few hours or water slowly beginning to leak, i started having contractions so i showered, shaved, and tried to go to bed to get some rest for the delivery.  it got really intense really quickly.  dr. told me to call when they were 5min apart, by the time i started timing them they were about 5 min apart.  finally woke BF after a few hours.  i still thought that i was in false labor or something so i wouldn't let him call family, dr., or doula.  finally doula came over at about 8 am, i was in very active labor and quite a bit of pain so we all headed to hospital.  at the hospital contractions were a minute apart, so they brought me right to delivery room, checked me, i was fully dialated and they wanted me to start pushing.  i had wanted a natural birth and had a specific birthplan which i never even got out of my bag before i was on the table.  i ended up having an intrathecal which supposedly lasts 2 hours for pain, it only helped for about 30 min.  i pushed for an hour and 1/2 and was holding ryder less then 3 hours after we got to hospital.  i never even got to use the wonderful birthing tubs in the rooms either!!  start to finish everything was over in 12 hours.

i had tested positive for my strep b test and was unable to receive full antibiotic treatment b4 delivery.  ryder showed + results for an infection, so we are still at hospital so he can received IV antibiotics all week!!  we are finally going home tomorrow, tuesday.  the hospital discharged me but has allowed me to stay in my room to be with ryder since i am breastfeeding and live an hour away.  i am just so tired of being here, i want to bring him home!!  the positve thing is that i have been able to receive alot of help with Breast feeding since he would not latch at all for first few days, now he is doing really well at it, but i have to use a nipple shield everytime, now i'm trying to get rid of that.  even though my L&D did nto go the way i had planned according to birth plan, everything was great the way it ended up. the experience overall was great!

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784382 tn?1376934640
by turkee23, Oct 19, 2009
wow congrats!!! its amazing !... may god bless you and you new bundle of joy,,,,, im so jealous of everyone that are having babies and are prego... i just want to be pregnant sooooooo bad and it seems like ALL my friends have babies or are prego.....i guess the time will come some day....

1039620 tn?1272597604
by Victoria01, Oct 19, 2009
What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing this with us and I am so glad you both will be going  home tomorrow. Congrats on your sweet baby boy.

950143 tn?1247961986
by BabyOnTheWay220, Nov 07, 2009
by nicole179, Mar 17, 2009 05:15PM
i was told that if i have my baby and continue on with my subutex through out the pregnancy and delivery that the baby would have to go to neonatal for atleast 24 hours after birth. Has anyone had to do this after delivering on subutex? If so has anyone had a bad or scary experience while going through this.  I honestly am still unsure about my pregnancy and whether i want to have a baby.  I have been clean for 3 years and very active in NA in my area, however i just have never wanted to have children.
My boyfriend of 5 years is so happy but i am not, and i do not know what to do!!

I found this post you wrote a while back,,,how was the baby after you gave birth,..any side effects from the SUB????  I'm so happy you made it!!!

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