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Dealing with Money is Stressful

Oct 19, 2009 - 0 comments

I am currently in the process of trying to find a place downtown to live all while balancing the lack of money that I have.  I had to shell out 500 bucks this weekend because the simple act of getting my winter tires put on pointed out that I had something wrong with my power steering, my poor dog is having problems with his knee, and then this weekend I discovered another tumor on his leg.  All of these little things cost which I should have but don't.  Plus, I want to live downtown to shorten my commute time, but those apartments are crazy expensive!!!  GRRRRR!!!  I guess the only reason I am even telling you guys about this is because this would probably be a time that I would just throw my hands up and go out for beer and wings.  And, lets just face it, an Optifast shake doesn't compare at all to beer and wings.  I did manage to walk to the GO station this morning instead of driving there.  The thing is, when I moved into the apartment I currently am in, that was part of the deal.  It was close enough to walk.  But did I? No...My boyfriend pointed out that it takes me just as long to warm up my car, drive to the station, find a parking spot, and walk to the platform as it would if I would just get off my lazy butt and walk to the station like I said I would to begin with.  Of course, we don't give him the satisfaction of knowing he is right, but alas, he is right. UGH...which just aggrevates me even more.  Anyways, I guess I am just cranky today...don't know why.

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