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One thing & then another & another...

Oct 19, 2009 - 0 comments






After 8 months of ttc, I finally got my BFP on 9/23. I have had very irregular cycles since my Mirena was removed & actually for my whole life until Mirena when I had no AFs for over 2 years. My last two cycle before BFP were 84 & 36 days & my last AF started on 8/2. I really had no symptoms of pregnancy other than some very mild breast tenderness starting on 9/18 which indicates that I am only about 8-9 weeks along. The only reason we even tested on 9/23 was because my daughter caught Pertussis & I could not be vaccinated if I was pregnant. Well, we got the BFP so Baby Daddy got vaccinated & I was basically told, "Wait & see if you started getting symptoms of the illness." Luckily, I did not.

Last Monday we found out that my son had Influenza A & pneumonia. He's had it since at least 10/7. Then on 10/14 we found out that Baby Daddy has Influenza A also. He may have had it for several weeks since he's been sick almost since he got the Pertussis vaccine. Three seperate illness that are all highly contagious & rampant in my home. Keep in mind, we have a family bed that my son shares with Baby Daddy & I. Also, everyone in my family kisses on the lips & eats after one another. So, I should be just as sick as everyone else. But I'm not & I am very grateful for that since being pregnant weakens your immune system.

The good news is that everyone has recovered from their illnesses, but now I started spotting with clots on Saturday.  We're going to the OB on Wednesday morning to see if the baby is okay and I'm positive that it is. However, it's disheartening to see my family under all these attacks right now. I tried to stay off my feet all weekend, but I did go to church on Sunday & grocery shopped afterwards. While shopping I became really uncomfortable so I came home & tried to nap for a few hours. I was very uncomfortable & had a hard time resting. The same was true last night & I only slept for maybe 5 hours. Not too bad, but not great either. I need to be at work after all of the time off & expenses for all of the previous medical issues, so today I came in & told my boss what was going on. Thankfully I have a desk job so I'm hoping to make it through the next few days without any problems. She let me change my schedule on Wednesday to accomodate my appointment & still let me work a full 8 hours.  

I was hoping that this pregnancy would be like the one I had with my daughter: problem free. I guess not. I almost lost my son twice & I have had two others which I did not carry past the 1st trimester so I'm scared that this pregnancy may be one that deters any thoughts of future pregnancy.

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