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5 time...

Oct 19, 2009 - 2 comments






Well here we go again, this will be our 6th time TTC, 2 full stim IVF cycles, 2 FET natural cycles and 1 unsuccesful thaw... 6 frozen embryos remaining, I just transported them to my new clinic and hoping we have more success at this new clinic. I have my first blood test on 26/10/09 and if all goes to plan should have my embryo transferred 1st week November. We are culturing to blastocyst stage so more advanced and better chance of implanting... I am also going to have progesterone preseries after the transfer to see if that helps at all. Preying that it is our turn this time!!!  My husband and I have been together ten years in January and maried eight in May... we have never used contraception and I have always known of my problems but it is not till you get older the reality of the situation kicks in!! Please, please let it be our turn!!!

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291233 tn?1347297526
by sbumblebeeo, Oct 21, 2009
Ooohh please please let this be your turn.  It just has to be it for you!  My everything is crossed and I am praying right along with you!  This new place is gonna do the trick, I just know it  :)


252847 tn?1265660132
by Wakey, Oct 21, 2009
Thanks Shannon... I am starting to get nervous because I know in the next two weeks what is going to happen and then the terrible TWW... Hope u r doing well.

Your friend Monie xx

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