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As it stands 10.20.09 AB   (After Berec)

Oct 20, 2009 - 0 comments






SInce Dr. Berec has been lowering my thyroid med dose, I have gained over 50# now, I have become quite I have become a royal *****! I have  no energy whatsoever and I do not think or cannot think quickly as I did before he began to jack with my thyroid meds.  
Although he has finally admitted (the last time I went to him) that it was obvious that no thyroid could be found, yet he thinks I am receiving too much.  How the hell can t his be?
I have been going to Dr. Berec since about Mar. of 08.  We could actually afford him.  All the Dr.s around here charge (w/o ins.) $75.00 + just for you to wait for 45 min. to actually see the Dr. for a whole 3 mins. Damn I'm in the wrong business.  Oh, yeah, those with BCBS pay about $35.00 co-pay to most other Dr.s.  
Berec works with a local clinic for those who can't afford ins. or to visit reg. Dr.s or the emergency room.  
He still thinks that because I'm so big that I must be diabetic, and yet is thwarted each time they run the tests to determine.  He does listen to me, when I tell him whats wrong, except when it comes to the issue of the thyroid dose, the depression and aggression I'm feeling.  I won't let him jack with the Cymbalta-that is for the mental health pros to do, but he won't raise my dose of thyroid med so I can feel better.  I can't f*#$ing win for losing.
Before Berec I kept the weight at about 45-50# lighter than I am now, I had energy and could go oustside and even sweat properly.  I haven't been able to sweat properly and therefore have boils coming up in my pits,  I look (facial) like I have the beginnings of Downe's Syndrome.  I'm going to have to back my ears and go to the Dr. Medicaide has me listed for and see what he says.  Berec is about 25 miles away, this doctor is only a few blocks from the house.  (sigh). Before I got the Medicaid I couldn't have afforded this Dr. that is why I went to Dr. Berec.
I do not blame Dr. Berec, I do, however need to get the gland levels straightened out so I can get back out and live instead of continuing to grow into a lump of lard on the couch. I have no energy!!!

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