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I have to trust God for EVERYTHING

Oct 22, 2009 - 1 comments

Trust God









I had to trust the Lord that if I ate food and kept it down, I wouldn't gain weight--or if I did , he would enable me to deal with that situation.Little by Little the Holy Spirit taught me how to eat.
  By Jim Cymbala    From Book "The Promis of God's Power"

I read this after my husband had verbalized I had gained alot of weight and I just agreed with him.  He said he did not know how much I weighed and I said I know as I did not want to tell him.  I have gained 30lbs since returning from hospital.  I feel so fat.  I have very few clothes I can wear.  I have started working on watching what I eat.  I do not throw up but felt this was meant for me.  The other quote my girl friend told me once that I am keeping in mind is;

"I will not eat over feeling quilty and I will not feel quilty over eating"

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by April2, Oct 22, 2009
I'm going to have to read that book. It sounds interesting. Try not to stress over the weight gain. If you're not as mobile, it's very easy to put on the weight fast. Just do the best you can and ask your husband to support and encourage you, as you need this. I hope you are feeling better, health wise! That's the most important thing. *Hugs*

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