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Daughter -in Law 8 months pregnant and smoking WEED!

Oct 23, 2009 - 1 comments

What can or might happen to my grand-daughter?  My future daughter in law has smoked cigarettes and still smokes marijuana!  I am very worried about the well being of the unborn child, which is now due to arrive within the next 4 wks.
I have mentioned to the family doctor this was going on, and that he should let her "baby Dr." know to check her blood regularly!  Myself and my husband have full custody of their first child who is now 16 months old, at least our son and she were able to see they couldn't handle caring for an infant.  Now it would appear they can't even put the yet to be born infant first, (before the need to get HIGH!!!  If anyone knows what I might need to expect to watch for after her birth.  I live in British Columbia Canada, and I am unsure of what will happen when this child is born.  To me they have already endangered the life of this unborn child, however, I'm not too sure about how the child protective services, or Social services handles these issues.

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by turkee23, Oct 23, 2009
i dont know hwo it works up there but here in florida, if the baby is born with the drug its system, the mother can be charged, taken to jail,and the baby can be taken away from her.... im sorry this is rough....honestly my mom smoked weed when she was prego with me and my sister....i dont know how much or how often but i know she did it .....and we came out just fine, IM NOT SAYING ITS OK CAUSE I DONT THINK IT IS AT ALL... sometimes they wont be affected, but most times thee is some kind of side effect...... let us know what happens please

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