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I'm trying not to panick..........

Dec 02, 2007 - 2 comments


Well, I feel like I have symptoms of a stroke. Today my left side of my face and my left hand and fingers feel like they are tingling. More like pins and needles.
I feel this on the left side of my body. Pins and needle feeling down my left arm, and my face on the left side and cheek is really tingling.
I go see the Dr. this next week.
I have had symptoms like this before and it comes and goes. I do have an anxiety disorder, but I don't consciously feel as though I'm having anxiety....  I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I have read alot of what others are going through. Does anyone know for sure what the heck is the problem??????????
Should I panic?????????
I can't get the tingling to stop when it really is bothersome. I lay down and it is better. Yet it still goes down to my feet.

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by Sunny602, Dec 02, 2007
Some people have migraines that act like aunt actually felt like that, but she also had numbness too. When in doubt, get this checked out immediately. If it does turn out to be a stroke, then the docs can give medications that can help you (but there is a 3 hour window from the time of symptoms). The quickest way to get diagnostics done is to go to the ER, they will do a CT scan to see if there is any bleeding or other signs of a stroke. Once that is ruled out, then they can look at other causes. My aunt honestly thought that she was having a stroke when she had her symptoms...numbness, tingling and a headache.
The only way for sure what the problem would be is to see your doc, try and get in sooner but if you keep having these symptoms then a trip to the ED is warranted.
I hope things work out for you, Sunny

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by blanca111, Nov 15, 2008
my left side of face, neck, arm and one finger feel numb, my finger is also bruised and swollen...

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