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When lumbar epidural cause severe lower back pain and numbness in right leg and tingling

Dec 02, 2007 - 119 comments

I had an baby got an epidural,since the epidural I been having severe lower back pain and numbness and tingling in my right. Now this what the doctor have told me since. Before I tell can tell you can you tell me the probem.One doctor told me I haveBack Pain with Sciatica, Hematuria and he went on im his notes I have MS and the MS is called Arthralgia and Muscle problem.Now another told me that Diagnostic were that he note Facet Arthrosis in the lower spine -L4-L5 and L5-SI and mild facet hypertrophy.But no significant disc bulge or protrusion is seen at any level. Disc space are well maintained. Now after my baby was born 2 month she  came down with Baterial Meningitis after I stop breastfeeding expain that to me.Because my back was hurting real bad they gave differnce medication, it might her the baby to stop breastfeeding. My question how did I go from good health to all these problem.I was execellence health nothing like maybe some back every now and then if I working hard.      

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by Rina38, Apr 24, 2008
I had epidural in my last delivery and I have the same problems, doctor keep saying there is not relationship between low back pain and epidural but I think it's not true. I was very healthy, now some times I wake up and I can not move at all, especially if after I do some work around the house.

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by Ouch1321, Nov 11, 2008
I just had a little girl on halloween of last year and had an epidural, never had any back problem until after I had her, some mornings I cant even move cause it feels like someone is sitting on my back, and some times just carrying a load of laundry my legs get tingely and it feels like Im losing feeling in my legs and if I sit still for a period of time my back starts aching and at night it feels like im having growing pains all my bones ache. Are you guys having the same feelings?

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by Hassel, May 03, 2009
I had An Epidural for back pain about two months ago, and after that developed leg pain ever since. I'm so sorry that I did it. I would never had done it if I thought this was going to happen. Did they say how long it would take to go away?
I have my Doc's app. next week.

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by astridlynn, Jun 23, 2009
I'm not having any leg pain, but have had lower back pain ever since my son was born in October 2007. They had problems getting the epidural in - the catheter got all kinked up and they had to restick me.... After my son was born I had severe tightness in my back at the level that my epidural was placed. They brought in a massage therapist and she was able to get me feel back to normal. However, nearly every day since my son was born, I wake up with the same back pain radiating from my lower back and across the tops of my hips. When my son was about 5 months old I started getting severe, debilatating spasms. My doctor (also a D.O) prescribed me a muscle relaxer and pain medication, then worked on my back. It helped for a couple weeks, but I still have back pain every morning. Lately it's been getting worse. It starts hurting as soon as I lay down and I can't even turn over in the morning to get out of bed. All the medical professionals I've talked to about this say that it's unrelated to the epidural, but I believe it is. There are just too many mommies that I've talked to that have this same problem and the one thing we have in common is the epidural.

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by Trisha0110, Jul 10, 2009
I had an epidural and a C section in July 07 and since then I have had pains in my back radiating from the centre of my lower back/top of my hips and down, some mornings it feels as though my hips are actually frozen and that I cant even turn over in bed to get up. I never had any back problems until this and have also suffered nerve damage down my right thigh because of it. Doctors sent me to physio and it helped for a a bit but as soon as I do any housework or gardening etc., I get a very bad nights sleep and severe aches in the morning. Does anyone else get random tingly patches up and down the side they feel is affected? I get tingles in the very top of my back and sometimes in my right foot too.

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by marykerbie, Aug 12, 2009
Oh my God!  I am so glad I found this site!  I too have been having problems since I gave birth to my son in September 07.  I've been to several doctors and no one can figure out what is wrong.  Prescribed me also muscle relaxers and pain pills which hardly help.  I've asked each doctor if it could be from the epidural and they all say no.  Lower back pain and leg pain, stiffness if I sit too long.  Some days are worse than others.  I'm being sent to a rheumetologist to see if it's arthritis and/or fibromyalgia since both run in my family.  Fibromyalgia can be triggered by the birth of a child.  I just want an answer.  I believe like all of you that it is from the epidural, but I can't find anyone to agree with me.  

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by BLUEDEVILRIDER, Aug 15, 2009
I had an epidural and a C section in September 2005 ever since a year after my son's birth I started feeling my lower backache especially during the winter time.  It has gotten worse now with my 2nd pregnancy & of course it PROPBABLY has to do a lot of with the weight gain but every so often I've began to expiernce a super sharp pain right where they injected me with the medication. There are a lot of doctors that state it has nothing to do with the Epidural but I don't accept it as being the whole truth & the unknown fact that no one can figure out where these pains come. I know it had to be from that epidural but I dont' think there will ever be a physican who will agree they don't want to admit to the truth.

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by buffy76, Aug 20, 2009
I just made an appointment to ask my doctor about my lower back pain and numbness on the right side of my back. I am glad I found this site before seeing her! I just wish someone would come back with an answer. Has anyone found a method of relief?

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by nita0716, Aug 20, 2009
Thank you ladies I thought I was the only one with this problem my started in 2003 after I had my daughter. I did the same thing go to the doctors to see if the epidural causes these problem I was told no too. I didn't have this problem before the epidural. I was told to lose weight after my child.Lower back causes me to stop breasting feeding my child and put her on formula because they gave me a lot of pain medicine. I called the Anesthesiologist about this problem and explain to him him what problems I was having and then I ask him have he had any problems before like of cause he said no.I'm trying to do legal action against him I' working  on it.

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by Amatus, Aug 21, 2009
I cannot believe the uncanny similarities between all of us? I have been to countless Doctors after I had an epidural performed by a Registrar (in my birth-debriefing, they told me it was her first time!!) I had an epidural for my first child and it was uneventful, it took about 30 seconds...This time, it took her nearly half an hour!! I was starting to worry a little bit, I could feel her pushing really hard, but trying to stay calm, trying to believe they wouldn't be doing anything wrong... the second she said it was done, excruciating pain shot down my right leg...My support people were standing behind me and told me afterwards that there was blood trickling down my back... The pain didn't go away until about 45 minutes after the epidural was administered and from the moment I got my feeling 'back' I knew it wasn't the same...
The same things as so many of you, the back pain, aches that I would compare to growing pains in my legs, hips, and numbness that reaches from my shoulders to my toes... I sometimes get a terrible itch in the middle of my back, and no matter how hard I scratch, I can never get relief... I continue to notice inexplainable bruising on my lower back, and even when I apply pressure, it's as if it's 'gone to sleep' so I feel nothing... I've noticed it's not entirely constant for me, sometimes I am able to scratch my back and feel it, other times no... That's why it's so hard to explain to the Doctors & Specialists... They refuse to believe it's anything to do with the epidural & they refuse to do anything but insist I take paracetamol every night before I go to bed...
I wonder whether the muscle relaxants would work? I am tired of being sore all the time, and my muscle spasms scare my boyfriend...
I also had 'sterile water injections' which were administered as 4 needles at once.. 2 nurses with a needle in each hand... On hot days, my bf swears he can feel 4 little lumps in my lower back, I am extremely hypersensitive to anyone touching any of my needled points...
When will a doctor give me an answer? And should I be considering legal action against that Registrar?
Thanks for everyone who's posted and lifted my spirits as I am obviously NOT the only one!!!

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by songbird146, Sep 11, 2009
OMG....ladies, I am so glad that I found this site.  I have been having lower back pains for about 4 months now, I had a epidural last year with my son.  I have spasms, dull aching pain and when it rains it gets worse.  I asked my docs about this and they just brush it off.  I know it has something to do with it cause I fee pressure where the needle was injected.  I have had MRi/Cat scans, X rays etc.  nothing there but ovarian cysts.  Those just got there and they go away on their own.  The pain is very irritatiing, when I try to pick up my son or do house work, its so painful.  I am going to look in to this, because we all have too many similarities with this issue.

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by vegankjh, Sep 14, 2009
Well guys, I'm glad I found this site too. I had my son in July of 05. At the last minute, I had an epidural. I jusmped from 6 to 9 centimeters in the 20 minutes it took the Dr. to get to the hospital to give it to me. I originally had no intention of having an epidural. I was very much against them. But something told me at the end that I needed it. In a way I'm glad I got it, a way I hate  it. I had a level 4 tear 'down there' and let me tell ya' ladies...I oculd barely walk a month and a half later!! I;ve always had back pain though. I was disqualified form the military at the age of 18 due to arthritis. They did x-rays and it turned out I had arthritis in my back, wrists, and knees. Ok, so after the baby came, the back pain got much worse. There are days I can barely even get out of bed to go to the bathroom. I have to have slip on shoes b/c I can't bend over to tie mine. There are days I can't even pick my son up. I'm only 25 and I'm just too young for all this. I've never really gotten any help from the local doctors, and I think my age has alot to do with it. There is a huge prescription drug problem in my area. But, leave it to the bad ones to ruin it for us who really need help. All they basically tell me to do is take tylanol. Woooo, that's going to help. I can take 14 tylanol or Aleve and it does not help in the least bit.
There are days I sit and cry it hurts so bad. There are days I can't even walk b/c of the pain. When I have pain shooting down my back, to my right leg, and down to my toes causing them to go numb....SOMETHING IS WRONG!! And Tylanol is NOT going to help it. Get real doctors. An epidural messes you up. I'm not sure if it's all the epidural, or maybe they hit something when giving it. I don't know but I want it fixed.  When it interferes with my regular life, that's when I tend to get a lil upset. I can't sit for long periods, or even stand for long periods. Ladies, I hope you find something to help. I'm going to my doctor later this week to see what we can get done. Thanks!!! ~K~

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by karre29, Oct 06, 2009
by Tisa D. October 6,2009 4:38 PM

I can relate to all of the ladies that are on this site.I had a baby girl 14 years ago and just like you all. I had an epidural during a tubaligation.I figured that i didnt want any more children by my kids father.Every since then i've been having lower back pains,and real bad menstrual pains to where's advils doesn't help.I have done everything i could posibably do.I even went to a doctor for my back pains.Now here i am 29 and my back still hurts.There's three things i regret in my life time,and thats having kids by kids father,getting my tubes tide,cause i have good man in my life now,and cant afford to get them reversed,and last and least getting that epidural.I am glad i found people who could relate to my pain.

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by nita_0716, Oct 18, 2009
Dear Ladies,
I have one question for about epidural,do you know what type of needle that was put in your back,I do and my had an recalled on it because of the wrong needle was sent to the hospital.My epidural needle was called Tuohy. and it was the tip of the needle that was the problem.I wrote to the company and ask them was the state I live in was an recall of the needle it was but I believe that the hospital use the last one on me.The recall on my was 2002,2003. The company sent the letter out January 16, 2003. The shelf life for the epidural needle is 6 month now if you count from January to June thats is 6 month.An the letter told them identify  and isolate any affected product in your inventory.For the product return and further information contact the company.Hope this can help you find out was causes your pain.

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by nita0716, Oct 29, 2009
Dear Ladies,

I might have an answer to our problem, I search the computer and found out that it can be one or two thing one it could be your kidney in your back the epidural needle or your kidney might have flare up. Or the needle of the epidural might punch an little hole in it with out the doctor notes.If it is your kidney your kidney my have infection.In my problem on my MRI I seen my kidney flare up but no one said anything about my kidneys and my pelvis is tilt to the right. Do you think we have come to the close to and answer? I'm trying to get an second opinion about my MRI but can"t find anyone yet and how much it cost. I lost my insurance because I had to step down as an cashier instead an assistance manager at an restaurant . And getting  public assistant have to go thru alot to get any help.

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by flambefoxrules, Nov 10, 2009
My son was born in September 2004, and my back pain is getting worse. If I sleep on my tummy my back locks up - it even wakes me up. I also had an epidural. It took three attempts before the needle hit the correct spot. Each time I felt the needle hit something it wasn't supposed to and made a tingley painful feffect. The epidural never worked and never fully took, well that's another story. I too find it difficult to accept that epidurals and back pain aren't associated. Even when you tell doctors that it was in the same spot as the epidural, they still tell you that it isn't related and that it is from the extra baby weight that you have been carrying for nine months. My back doesn't hurt when I walk, it's when I'm at rest, so it doesn't make sense to me. It's great to know that I'm not on my own. Does anyone know of any magic lotions or potions to aid my pain? Thanks in advance.

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by ShortHippieGirl, Nov 22, 2009
I'm looking for back relief myself. Its been 5 months since I gave birth and i never been in this much pain in my life, i mean labor was a walk in the park compared to this.  When they gave me the epidural they told me i may have minor back pain, but will go away in a few weeks, but now 5 months later it feels like im broken. When i try to walk my lower back hurts so bad i can't even sweep my floors anymore, or when i try to walk long distance the lower part above my hip pops when i walk that puts me in tears.  I'm so happy to be a mom my little girl is learning how to crawl, but i can't enjoy it because if i get on the floor i can't get back up unless someone is there to help me up.  If there if relief out someone please fill me in, because i would love to have another child in the furture and if i have another one with this much back pain i beleiave its going to be the death of me leaving my husband alone with two kids.

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by massagemaiden, Dec 18, 2009
It makes me so angry and makes me want to cry how doctors can make money and more money then be given the liberty to turn around and LIE about what is and what is not!  My baby is 5 years old now.  I had a difficult labor because my cervix would not open beyond the dilation of 2.  I was afraid for the baby and am reactive towards narcotic pain desensitizers such as demerol, et al.  It was sworn that all I had to do was remain very still and there would be no side effects.  PERIOD.  I held still even with pains crashing on top of pain.  The fear was removed and was blessed with the arrival of a healthy baby boy who had no side effects from narcotics.  

Yet, I'm not so sure.  My child is hyperactive.  I shuffled when walking way past my three month postpartum check up.  Today, the spot I was injected in feels like jello when I do something as simple as make a light thump on the floor.  I've gained weight, have lower back pain and in general am unhappy about being lied to.

My physical self is important and I've always been able to maintain it through yoga, dance, movement.  My child keeps me very active, but I can see the difference in my upper and lower body structures.  They are not the same.  My upper torso wears a small/medium and my lower half is a large.  It ain't the hour glass shape you think it is.  As a Massage Therapist I know a great deal about body shape, movement, function.  I am saddened my has been deceptively redesigned by modern medicine.  I'm almost sure there was an alternative.  The doctor just doesn't have a code to get paid for it on my old insurance plan.

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by igivefreedom, Jan 12, 2010
Ladies, I'm sorry to hear your pain but is not the epidural, I also have 11 epidurals two different delivers. I was 40 years old a body builder when I have my first baby. It took 8 epidurals to sleep my lower body. The next baby at the age of 43 it took 3 epidurals to sleep my lower body.  People told me that I was going to have a lot of pain in my lower back as a result of this epidurals. I'm 53 years old in good shape  always have a very healthy life never been sick. I do ones in a while I will have a little pain in my lower back but is a result of doing things in the wrong way. All of you have pain Is your weight if you are over weight you will have pain a lot in your lower back and body specially if you don't exercise. Another thing is that your joins around your back specially your lower back will hurt if you eat to much carbohydrates. Take 2 to 3 milligrams of calcium per day and also take Osteo By- Flex and the rest of your vitamins. Live a good healthy life. Please don't Blane the epidural for your unhealthy life style. I'm a live prove that will not hurt you I also have  a lot of friends that have had epidurals never complain they are also in good shape.  

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by mommieofone222, Jan 22, 2010
I too have had back pain since having an epidural.  I had my son over a year ago now, and it seems to just get worse.  I dread going to bed at night for fear of weaking up in pain, which I always do.  I went to my doctor and all he gave me was anti-inflammorty pills, alot of help they were.  My husband and I have even gone as far as to purchase a new bed.  Nothing has helped, and I am at my wits end about this.

I am over weight, and I NEVER, I repeat NEVER had a problem with my back before I had my son.  Since having my c-section I have nothing but pain in my back.  I am soooo happy that your perfect body got you through 11 epidurals with no pain or discomfort, but do not go and tell us it is because we are overweight and out of shape.

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by nita0716, Jan 22, 2010
To Igivefreedom,

You said that you had an total of 11 epidural, with 11 epidurals you shouldn't never have any pain in life and hope you don't feeling in your later years. My question to you why so many epidural. Don't you know that11 epidural is danger in the long run.

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by dancer30, Jan 26, 2010
I had to have a hysterectomy 16 months ago, and was given an epidural. When the injection went in i felt an excruciating pain in my groin, i fainted, when they laid me down i saw a lot of blood on the pads they took away. (Dont know if thats normal)Ever since then i have had severe back pain from the point the epidural went in, i get a pain in my bum cheek down my leg into my foot, this is mainly on the right side but happens on the left aswell. I get numbness and pins and needles aswell, i also get numbness and tingling pins and needles in my arms and hands. I too cant sit or stand for long, and in the mornings i can barely move, finding it hard to pick up my young children. I saw a number of doctors, these pains were just put down to recovery pains. I kept saying to them, could this be from the epidural as i was fine before and the point the needle went in is so tender, but they said it was unlikely. It made me feel no one was listening. until recently i saw a locum doctor, i told her everything and she has refered me to see a neurologist, in the referal letter, which was also sent to me, she wrote "i believe this could have something to do with the epidural!!" I will be seeing the specialist next month, so will hopefully get an answer.

To Igivefreedom... I am 30years old, I am fit and i am not overweight,i regularly go to the gym, i eat healthy (i have to for ibs and interstitial cystitis), i had a epidural with my first child that seemed to be ok, but have suffered ever since having this one.... can you explain that!!!

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by Lalee727, Feb 01, 2010
I really thought I was alone with all of glad I found all of these comments. I had my daughter July of 2006. A day after she was born I had a severe headache, couldn't even stand up without feeling like my head was going to pop off my neck. I insisted I had a spinal headache, even had to stay in hospital two ixtra days. The hospital staff refused to agree I had a spinal headache for whatever reason. If I was laying down the pain went away, this lastest for about a week. Ever since the day I came home from the hopsital I have experienced pins in needles in my left upper back. It's been almost four years and it still hasn't gone away!!

To lgivefreedom...I think every body is different and handles things differently. It's not that we are blaming our problems on the epidural, it is the truth. I was 23 and in the best shape of my life when I gave birth, and ever since that day I have been experiencing really weird symptoms.

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by sarahleigh405, Feb 02, 2010
Hi every one i am new to this site, i had my son March 24, 2009 since then i have been to the doctor about my back. I wake up EVERY morning with my lower back hurtting! :( The doctor says that its not the epidural???? i guess i dont understand? because if all of us have the same thing in common why do they say it has nothing to do with the epidural???? im so tired of doctors telling me the same thing over and over? what do i do because we all know it is the epidural? Right? I thought i was alone on this im glad to have women to have this in common with. but what do i do because my back pain seems to be getting worse sometimes i cant even get out of bed????? :,(

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by happy3, Feb 09, 2010
hi first time getting an epidural...was back in 1995 and 1999.....and recently i had another baby not overweight at all..i eat pretty 33 yrs old.....after my second epidural my health start getting out of last pregnancy...i had a c-section was an emergency c-section....its 2010.....and my back still hurts.....somedays i feel like im 60yrs old...i cant move at all...and i cant sit for a long period.....ive tried everything.....the epidural has ruin my everyday routine is always on a go......ive tried the natural baths....regular tylenol..extra strength tylenol and ive also combine it with naxproxen......the only thing that works for me when it get worst is tylenol 3 and also helps me with my heavy periods...cyst on my ovaries and edometriosis issues.....i only take it when its too severe too control it....if its not that bad i just take regular tylenol.....i hate taking pills and ive tried doing it the natural way...ive also gone to see a massage thrapist...ive done everything.....i just have to learn to live with it the best i can.....everybody react differently to it.....doctors will never tell you the truth.....but theres always 1 that will be honest with you...dont give up....we are not alone in this...there is plenty of women going through the same thing....what also helps me is taking hot bath...than put icyhot patch on your back...than take 1 tylenol and naxproxen before you go to this when its tooooo severe to helps me ...hopefully this will help someone.....good luck so glad to find this site:)

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by miley57, Feb 13, 2010
hi all i have had 6 children all natural dilervies and yet when i had my last baby girl on novmember 12th 09 i had to have the epidural because i had to have a manual removeral of the babies plactina because it got stuck i hated the feeling of not being able to move my legs during or a little after it made me cry not being able to move but i also had psd where my pelvis moved when i walked and from when i was 32 weeks i was in agony and had to walk with a stick but now after having it i have had cronic back pain and when it hurts my legs become to heavy to move to as a mother of 6 children 5 girls and 1 boy i need all the engergy i can get but i carnt even walk very good some days and they dont understand y i carnt play with them yes i have my hubby on hand to help alot but it makes me feel useless and because i breastfeed my doc says he carnt put me on much but i hope one day my pain in my back and legs goes before its to late for my children to have the childhood that they so diservive many wishes to u all x from donna

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by LayciesMom, Feb 18, 2010
Well ladies, I had my first child in 1990 and my second in 1997.  Yes, that was quite awhile ago, but I had epidurals with both and I have had lower back pain ever since.  Also, I have never regained total feeling on the outside of my left leg since 1990.  My first epidural was a nightmare experience when it was attempted the first time.  Blood shot out and went over the bed and hit the floor (according to my mother).  I can't sit or lay in one position very long at all.  I have always thought it was from my epidurals.  The pain only got worst with the second...  I have never been to the Doctor and have just dealt with it.  Now, I'm thinking of actually telling the doctor...

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by Highmaintenance81, Feb 21, 2010
to igivefreedom,

i find your comments quite insulting, as i like many mothers i am not over weight nor lazy (i have a child for god sake and a job and am very house proud) and since my epidural (in the exact place i was given the epidural) i suffer with unbearable pain! i Also have a lot of friends who have had an epidural, are in excellent shape and suffer with severe back pain and friends who chose against epidural do not seem to have any problems. i'm glad to hear it does not effect all women but will not believe there is no link and that those who suffer with back pain must be incapable of leading a healthy lifestyle!

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by jramirez7715, Feb 21, 2010
Hello ladies. I am a guy and I was in a car accident. As a result I have had a series of injections. I have had a total of 3 epidurals with a 2 week difference in between and I feel like my back pain has intensified from what it was in the beginning. After that I went through a series of facet injections but I must admit that after the epidurals it worsened before the facet injections. So even though I am a guy I can still relate to all of you ladies. I know have chronic back pain and I feel a tingly feeling go down my back part of my thighs. I feel defeated because I am not able to do what I used to do and that is plain and simple. At least you ladies got a gift of life for your pain, I'm just hoping I get some kind of compensation for my injuries because I shouldn't be having to go through this over one guys negligence..

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by jujubee82, Feb 22, 2010
to igivefreedom:
so happy for you that you had no complications from your 11 epidurals. As for the rest of you mothers that live in pain everyday, my heart goes out to is miserable and I truly believe a direct effect of the epidural. I experiece pain as described by many of you above after my edpidral ( i was stuck 5 times). I am a fitness instructor and blaming it on being overwiegt/ out of shape is a cop-out! There is a huge cover up going on here and like the rest of you I would love some anwsers. My doctors say the same thing...nothing to do with the epidural...well, why was my back never like this before?? Hell, my back didn't hurt near as bad as it does now as it did when I was 9 months pregnant. If I knew the amount of pain I'd live with for the rest of my life I would have skiped the epidural even though I had a 32 hour labor!

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by Mom_of_twin_boys, Feb 24, 2010
I have the same problem. In 2003 i had to have a C-section for twins could not be birthed normally. I felt fine after that, active, losing the weight i gained with my pregnancy and was doing really well. In 2005 I had a son I was taking trebutaline to keep from contracting and at the place i was living at, the hospital didnt have the insurance to cover a V-bac. well the anesthesiologist stuck me in the back with the epidural 4 times it worked on the fourth time. It was excruciatingly painful not anything like the first epidural I had, I didn't feel pain with the first one just a small ***** and pressure, this was like someone stabbing with a very sharp knife over and over again. They would not allow anyone in the room with me and i believe that is why. The doctor did not even do the incision right and basically hacked me on my right side to make the incision bigger because he misjudged the size he needed, but that is besides the point.

I was given several percocet and vicodin to last for 4 weeks I ended up having to travel 600 miles to my mothers because we lost our place and that was the only place to go. I ended up in extreme pain and couldn't even move when the pain killers were gone. I now have had episodes where I cannot feel my legs, that pain shoots up my back and into my left arm and it goes numb as well. I also cant walk more than a quarter mile now without having to be carried. I know that it is sciatica that's already confirmed but no one will admit the cause, which really makes me mad. I used to play volleyball and football and now I can't be active in any way like I used to. Because of the pain, I am now 50 Lbs overweight and i eat very well no sugars and no soda pop I just can't keep to my way of life before this happened. I try to exercise, I end up hurting myself, and I cant even lay on my back because it hurts so much, I can hardly keep up with my children and I can't stand it.

I'm not trying for legal action I just want them to realize that this epidural that they think is a miracle for pain and for delivering children really isn't. What they should be doing, if they are going to continue to use the methods they are using,is they need to find a cure for those who do end up with these problems instead of blowing them off.

Medicine is supposed to make our life better not worse!!!!!!!

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by Beena328, Mar 07, 2010
I am 35 had my daughter december 2009.I had a natural birth but afterwards I had three degree tares so I had to have stitches and the only way to do this was to first have an injection in myspine!Since then my lower back aches,gets stiff,my fingers are numb and I feellike 100 years old not sure what to do my joints lock up sometimes and I am soleing breastfeeding sometimes I have no energy to pick my daughter up my health visitor is coming round today will aske her opinion have a great doctor and havent asked her anything as I thought my body was repiaring itseld after childbirth and that I was going to get better but I am feeling worse.I have a four year old and had a natural birth with him and no stiches and compared to his birth this is nothing like it I was back to good health within a few months! I really dont know what to do.

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by SRMT, Mar 16, 2010
I am so relieved to have found that I'm not the only one experiencing this! My baby is just over a year old and I am STILL having serious pain directly radiating from the exact epidural injection site. I have had two children, and two epidurals. My first experience was great, took about a minute to inject, and all went smoothly. My second was terrible. When the Anesthesiologist tried to inject, she was in the incorrect place and I felt her hit and rapidly click something hard twice in a row (presumably, my vertebrae). Then she had to remove and I could feel something warm pouring out of the site down my back (presumably, blood). She tried again, and this time was partially successful, because only half of my body was numbed. The day after the epidural was removed, my husband kept saying he couldn't believe the bruises he could see down my spine, and it was hard for me to even sit back in the hospital bed due to the pain at the epidural site. They gave me 600 mg ibuprofen for the pain, and told me it would go away in time.
The oddest part at this point, is that I only experience the excruciating pain when I lay down for a length of time. I DREAD going to bed. I wake up multiple times a night, sometimes I feel like I can't even move because my back hurts so bad directly where I had my epidural. It's awful. Since it's now been over a year, and it seems to be getting worse and not better, I am finally going to go back to the doctor about it. I am concerned that they are going to try to tell me this has nothing to do with the epidural though. I believe they need to recognize the epidural as the initial cause of this continuous pain before they can understand how to fix the problem. I don't want pain pills. I want a remedy!

1264552 tn?1270046462
by jefadejefas, Mar 31, 2010
i had an epidural 8/08 and i havent been the same since. the anastesiologist was an intern, and the epidural only took on one side and the other was only half way so he kept pumping me full of that numbing crap until i had my son. the next morning my legs were swollen and red, mind you i didnt have any swelling during the pregnancy. i hemoraged a week afterwards and almost had to get a transfusion. i bled semi heavily for appprox. 10 months and all my obgyn would do is give me birth control pills( i got sterilized about 2 months after i had him he is my 5th). i did not need birth control because it didnt stop the bleeding but she wouldnt do anything else. to this day my my lower legs, ankles, feet, toes, arms, hands and fingers get swollen, red, achey, and tingly quite often. when i lay in the same position for too long my back stiffens up and hurts really bad to turn over my back even hurts when i sit and supposedly relax in my recliner. also at the sight of the epidural there is about a 3-4 inch area that is a strangely different color not pink and healthy looking it is also numb. i had this done in gainsville, florida at nf regional. i am 38 and otherwise a healthy big momma, sugar,cholesteral, all good, but i am a cougar and this is affecting my marriage. i wish i could seek some legal action. if anyone else out there had this sort of thing happen at that same hospital please post a note. who knows maybe something can be done. i thought i was crazy and alone.

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by sami810, Apr 26, 2010
hello. i'm seeing the anastesiologist in 2 weeks about my back. i had a epidural twice because the first one didn't work and then my little boy got stuck so i had to have a spinal so i could have forcieps. ever since then my back has killed, first i thought it was bruised but its been 3 months now and its getting worse. i can't turn certain ways because i get stuck, i can't sit or stand for to long without my back sezzing up. its always aching, can't sleep probably because of the pain and in the morning its so stiff. i hope something comes of this appointment. as i can't live like this for much longer. and i feel sorry for all you women who have, something must be able to be done its not right....

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by myfantastic4, Apr 26, 2010
hi ladies...
I have had  4 births in total. One natural w/out pain meds and 3  by C sections and 3 epidurals. I never had a problem with back pain until I had my last baby who is now 4 months old. I actually googled to find out if there is anyone else with the same problems and I guess I'm not crazy after all. My pain is not only in my lower back, but sometimes in my lower stomach and legs... anyone else?

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by Martiansize, Apr 28, 2010
And now i have what is called, Spodylolisthesis....NO MORE NEEDLES IN MY BACK EVER AGAIN!!!! Mine was over 9 1/2 yrs ago... found out in 2007 that i had a fracture in the L/5-S/1 region of my spine with a bulging disc.... SAMe here....BAck was fine until EPIDURAL!!!!!!!

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by Momma2Three, May 02, 2010
Have three kids had three epidurals and with the first two i have never had any problems. Then I had my son 4months ago and now i have lower back problems and numbness that goes down my right side..sometimes on my left it just depends...but mostly my right...i asked my dr about it when i first started to feel it which was at my 6wk check up and he told me it was just my uterus contracting back down...which was pretty stupid cause i never felt that with my other ones.

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by firsttimemommy524, May 03, 2010
Hello everyone, Im so glad i found all of your stories because everyday i ask why is it my back hurts..I just had my daughter in november 2009 and my back kills me everyday... I cant bend over, stand to long, or hold heavy things... I went to my doc in april and she told me its from the epidural, because the spine takes a very long time to recover from something like that.... she said it would take about a year or so to recover fully from it, what your guys take on it?

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by snooky71679, May 04, 2010
I hope nobody minds, but i'm going to print this off and take it to the next Dr app. I have gone to the Dr. and have had plenty of x-rays. They say that there is nothing wrong with my back.  I'm telling you, after my epidural my lower back has NEVER been the same. Right at the epi sight feels like someone is taking a knife and turning constantly. I don't know what to do, when i go to the Dr. they look at me like all you want is pain pills. I DONT, I'm 30 years old with back pain and want to be healed. Something has got to give. This has been going on since 1998. I'm glad to know that I'm not crazy and other people have the same problem.

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by daniellebell26, May 12, 2010
I had my son january 31st2010, I had an epidural it didnt work so i ended up having natural birth.. I have had severe back pain ever since. I had an epidural with my daughter and never experienced anything like this. when i sit down both my legs tingle like they are going to sleep i cant roll over at night when im sleeping bc the pain is so bad it feels like im being stabbed in the back.. every day house work has became extremely hard for me. I am even having trouble lifting my kids.. I have been to my family dr and shes saying theres no way it can be from the epidural i think shes wrong i never had back problems until i got this epidural with my son. if i sit to long in one position i wont be able to move at all bc my back becomes siff and the pain is debilitating... I think the drs know its from these epidurals and dont want to do anything about it. If anyone has any advice im more then willing to listen... Im tired of drs throwing pain pills at me all they do is make me sick to my stomach and the pain is still there.. i thought i was the only one til i founid this site.. I am going to a chiroprater monday the seventeenth hopefully something will happen..

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by camcam07, May 13, 2010
Hello ladies,
Unbelievable!  I am in the same mess with my back, but I also have excruciating pain in my legs. It's mostly in my calves and they always feel like they are burning and are hot to the touch. The leg pain started at the same time as the back pain, right after I gave birth to my son. It's been 3 years, and I have only been getting worse.Are any of you experiencing leg pain, as well? Please let me know! Thank you!

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by Mannaly, May 31, 2010
I'm so glad I found this site! I had my daughter 2 months ago, and though I do have previous back problems, it's much worse now! I'm in the process of physical therapy now but personally I don't think it will do much good, I had it before & the pain returned not long afterwards. When the baby dropped, I was about 7 months along & I started having awful left back/hip pain. My dr put me on bed rest because I was 1cm dilated already & he was afraid of early labor. At that point, there were some days that I could barely get out of bed. I went to the hospital at 36 weeks with every 5 minute contractions, but after a couple hours I hadn't dilated any more & they decided that I wasn't in active labor & the contractions were probably brought on from from being over tired since the back/hip pain rarely let me sleep for any lenth of time. They gave me a morphine & versed shot & I slept for about 11 hours. I was sent home afterwards because the contractions had slowed down. I was 3 cm dilated at that point & my dr was sure I was going to begin labor at any time. He didn't want me to go past my due date anyways becuase of gestational diabetes (which I don't think I actually had but that's another story) he thought the baby would be big so I was actually induced at 39 weeks & 1 day. I was given an epidural & it took at least 3 tries to get it in. Soon I started pushing, however after a couple hours they actually turned down the epidual & turned up the pitocin because the labor didn't seem to be progressing. Having my legs being held up & pushing made my hip pain awful, it was all I could think about, the pressure of labor wasn't even bothering me. I ended up having a c-section & they it took about 3 tries to get the spinal medication in me! I was pretty miserable.

Now 2 months later, the pain is awful, I can't get on the floor to play with my daughter, I have trouble standing at the changing table, pcking her up from the bassinet...basically anything. I took her to my summer camp reunion 2 days ago & I did a little walking in the woods & since I got home, I've been alternating between the bad & recliner, and taking pain meds. I can't get comfortable, I feel dizzy & groggy from the pain meds (and just so everyone knows-I don't take the pain meds unless I know someone is here with me just in case, I get nervous that I won't be able to take care of the baby) I don't know what to do with myself now. I'm supposed to go back to work in a couple weeks (I'm a CNA) and I don't think that is looking good now at all. If I can't pick up a 12 baby then there's no way I'll be able to handle a full grown person.

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by babygirl8803, Jun 09, 2010
Wow something is going on, I had a lumber puncher (Spinal Tap) I was having some numbness in the face after all was ruled out my Doctor decided that the spinal fluid would get him a better idea of what was going on with me. I had the spinal tap on a Friday it took 3 tries before the Doctor was able to get the fluid because of that it put me in the 10% of people that get a spinal headache after this procuder by Sat. afternoon I had to go back to the ER they did nothing I then had to go back on Sun they then did a Blood Patch ( My own Blood is suppose to be injected in the same spot as the Lumber Puncher to close up the punchers) well at the ER they did the blood patch like they would do an epidural mid way down my back, that gave some temporary relief but I ended up right back in the hospital for them to do a second Blood patch two days later. I had what they call normal bruising and lower back pain which I thought would subside over time, but just my luck I have been having the worst back pain ever, I’m talking about mussel spasms and pain that take you to your knee: The Doctors tell me that the pain in my back has nothing to do with me having the Lumbar Puncher. But I really don’t believe that I’m 50 years old and have never has back pain in my life.  And as for the lady who thinks that we are just fatt and lazy and dreaming all this up...take a hike because untill you can  feel my pain shut it up because I'm in better shape than when I was a teen ager and far from being lazy.

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by instamford, Jul 01, 2010
I had a car accident in 2007. I didn't have any body injuries. But later on I developed an excruciating headache, so I went to the hospital and a spinal tap was done to see if there was blood in the brain and I was sent home. I drove for about 5 min when I started feeling a horrible pain in my neck and head that only got better when I laid down flat, I couldn't keep my head up. I went back to the hospital and they gave me so much fluids that my body looked like I've been stung by millions of bees. My face was so swollen that when I looked in a mirror I was chocked with my own sight, but the headache was almost gone and I was sent home. The next day besides the grotesque swallowing the pain in my neck and head was even worst. I went back to the hospital and they decide to give a blood patch. After the procedure was done, what a relief! Neck pain and headache was gone as a miracle. I was so happy to get rid of one of the worst pain I felt in my entire life. I rested for 02 days after what I resume my daily activities in a much slower fashion. Then I realized that I couldn't bent, that would cause such an ache in my lower back. I realized I couldn't sit for more than 10/15 min.
I used exercise every morning every other day walking five miles or bike riding 5 miles, so I thought that my body was resenting the lack of exercise and I went for a walk. I hadn't walk for 5 min and I felt such a weakness and pain in my legs, that I went back home. I tried to rid a bike, but the seating position and the weakness in my leg, wouldn't let.
I though that maybe if I waited a few more days all those(very new and awful to me) symptoms would go way.
But they didn't and today 03 years later, I still can't bent, seat, squat, lift anything, stand up too long, the pain now is all over my hips, legs, ankles, a tingling numb  weakness  that starts in my lower back and goes all the way from my buttocks to the back of my legs. I feel this excruciating pain in my rectum as if something is been shoved inside me. There's this swollen of my legs, right hand and ankles. I'm always tired because I can't sleep at night with the pain in my back and about a year ago I started feeling such an urge to move my legs as soon as I lay down. Searching on the Internet I found out that this is called "restless legs". But in addition to my restless legs, about 06 months ago I started having "restless arms".
Some days I literally crawl around for not being able to stand in a straight position. I became constipated, I  developed a tendency for urine infection and I cannot hold my bladder and a day that I wake up without a headache to me is a good day.
I force my body to walk every morning, because from a weight of 120 lbs, today I'm to 150lbs, because I became extremely depressed and because I'm afraid that if I don't keep moving, my muscles and nerves will become atrophied.
And all this started with a spinal tap!!!

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by Wendyloo, Jul 13, 2010
I had 5 babies and this pain started after the last 2 1/2 years after.  I just woke up with it and it sounds like much of the pain everyone was describing.  I did have epidurals with the last two babies.  I also had a spinal with the one before.  The doctors told me I have a L5-S1 herniated disc and the rest of the low back doesn't look good either.  I have pain that almost feels like a really bad cramp down the back and side of my leg, calf and ankle.  This I know is common with a Spodylolisthesis.  This is where the sacrum and S1 joint are not stable and slip and pinch the nerves.  I think this is fairly common.  I lock up and can't even stand up correctly.  I work as a therapist and have to help lift people.  I use good body mechanics when lifting.  It has been terrible and I have not been off of work as I can't afford not to work.  I am the primary money earner in our family with all my kids.  I think part of the problem is the position the back is in during pregnancy.  I can't stand still in one place and have to keep shifting my weight to get through the times when I have to stand.  I need to lie down a lot but rolling can be excruciating.  Sitting makes my right leg go numb.  My toes are always numb and tingling.  I also have fingers that are tingling and have seen a neurologist who suspected Multiple Sclerosis.  When you have multiple sclerosis it feels like a net or gloves are over your hands when you touch things.  
My pain has persisted for 6 weeks now and I finally got an appointment for an anesthesiologist to do another epidural for pain relief.  They inject a numbing agent at the same site primarily as the other epidurals.  Then the put in a corticosteroid to shrink the nerve endings that are being compressed and causing such severe pain.  I had this yesterday morning and now my pain is gone but I still have tingling in my foot when I walk.  Sometimes the weakness in my legs would cause one to buckle.  I do fall more than a normal person and don't know exactly where my legs are in space.  I tend to get my toes caught when I am walkling over objects like boxes.  Then tingling in my legs is supposed to go away within a few days as the corticosteroid works.  I can now stand up normally about 12 hours later and you wouldn't believe the relief.  I think you all should see an orthopedic spine doctor.  Before they even suggest surgery ask about an epidural.  I know it sounds like this caused it but this may be the only thing to help it.  I will keep you posted as to how it is going.  I work tomorrow and they said I should try to take it easy lifting for two days but they weren't going to restrict my lifting s this would leave me without work.  I too gained weight following the pain because it hurt to do any excercise beyond working.  When I got home from work I was literally shot for the rest of the day and taking tramadol and extra strength tylenol for pain. I felt so useless at home that yes I too was getting depressed.  They say depression goes along the same pathways as pain in the back and that when you have one the other is very common.  They also gave me another pill for inflamation.  I tried baclofen for increased muscle tone but didn't have any real change with that.  I was told that you could have up to another 3 epidurals to get rid of the pain which can really help.   I have know many men and women who had this for relief and many of them are out 5 years without needing any more.  I just want my life back and to enjoy the time with my family.  I am curious if you ladies are short statured.  I am only 5' 2".  

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by Wendyloo, Jul 13, 2010
Oh I almost forgot to tell you that when they give you an epidural for relief of these symptoms they must use a fluoroscopy or x-ray to verify proper placement of the medication.  If they don't do this you may not get relief at all.  It still happens that doctors don't use this and then you don't get better.

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by cookielove924, Aug 05, 2010
THANK GOD i found this site im pregnant w/my first child im due on Aug.29,2010 i was researching on diferrent methods there is during labor. Today i had my doctors appt. and asked her about the options i had,she told me about epidural i let her know what i've heard w/realtives and friends and the only thing she said was that everything was a myth. That there all stories but of course i didnt buy it now i have to do more research on my own because at the end im going to be the one who's going to suffer and not her...THANX again ladies for this info...

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by belmul, Aug 22, 2010
Previous to 2008 I had 3 healthy babies and 3 C-sections and received an epidural ( actually now termed the new epidural epi-morph) in 94, 2000, 2002. I had absolutely no complications and I prided myself on the fact that after three pregnancies and being a Nurse and all the lifting I had a great back...In  2008 I had my 4th back pain at all during the pregnancy ....I had another c-section with an epidural...About a month after she was born I started experiencing lower back pain...which I attributed to lifting children or even from back labour ...(and I was not overweight I gained 17 pounds and lost it all)...the past 3-4 months I have been experience intense pain in the lower left back radiating to my hip and down my leg just below my knee. I was diagnosed with sciatic pain ...due to lifting (being a Nurse) or maybe a disc (waiting for an MRI). But the consistent thing I am seeing with this pain is that the Dr's say it isn't related...the Dr I saw asked about having an epidural and when I said could this be the cause he said no... hmm hard to believe...I was a labour and delivery and maternity nurse and many times women would be kept in recovery longer due to their inability to have returned sensation to their limbs or for an epidural headache or any complication... so I have a hard time believing that an epidural can't cause permanent damage to nerves in your just takes the needle to move even a smiddgen and it can do permanent damage (that is why they tell you to keep so still) who can't guarantee the epidural needle did  cause permanent damage to any nerve perhaps through a poor anesthesiologist or a slight twitch when having a contraction ...maybe the pain is actually nerve damage....have to wonder if this was the case and of course that could lead to many law suits so why would the medical profession ever own up to it!!!!! Seems there is a common theme amongst most of these posts..

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by coco235, Aug 24, 2010
i also had a spinal tap when my son was born.the docterhurt my back real bad it looked like ground up hambuger meat,i felt it when i took a shower at the hospital,i told the nurse my back burned she said ur back looks like bloody hambuger meat,had the headaches they gave me meds which did not work,sent me home headaches still did not go away,so went back and they done a blood patch,worked for a while then back got worse and head aches got worse here it is 2 years later back spasems, headaches, tightingin lower back,tingl in back,burning in upper leggs. god bless all of us,the docters are wrong they need to make it right.

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by barretta, Sep 22, 2010
I'm probably the oldest one here, am now 55, but almost 30 years ago had an epidural, where they had to stick me twice because I moved during a contraction (imagine that) anyway, after my son was born, and everything woke up, I could not urinate. I couldn't urinate at all at the hospital and was sent home with a catheter. A week later, I was able to go, but still had pain.  My problem now, 30 years later......slowly over time, I cannot urinate without catheterizing because the sphincter muscle does not respond. Many tests have shown it's some sort of damage, but they don't know what to do about it. Has anyone heard of this and a possible answer?  Please let me know if you have. thanks

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by Poppy2lowe, Sep 26, 2010
boy oh boy we are all in bad shape! I thought I was crazy but apparently not!! I have read all the stories above and i nodded my head at each one(well almost) since i believe i have the same problem.  2001 for my daughters birth I had an epidural.  since then i gave birth to my son naturally and still insist that the one tender spot on my back is from the epidural in 2001.  now I think that the achy back in the mornings and all day, the leg cramps at night and the overall tiredness i feel could be related to this.  i also have seen a neurologist and a fibromyalgia doctor who say i am just a over tired mother! seriously.!  what can we do?
thank you for sharing your stories and i hope we all find relief in the near future... take care

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by Threechildren904, Oct 20, 2010
Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

My first birth was natural, my second birth with an epidural was painless, and the third birth with epidural was horrifying. I felt the needle go in wrong, but the relief from the contraction pains - I thought was worth the little bit of discomfort. Little did I know that I would have to endure back pains for the rest of my life.
I am hearing everyone talk about lower back pains, but I am experiencing mid to upper back pains. My epidural was placed in middle of my back, so I guess this is why my back aches are in these positions.  My back is constantly soar all day long. The pain is bearable now, but it can be agonizing. Especially when I am sitting at my desk all day or when I lie down at night. I too bought new mattresses to eleviate the pain, but not relief. I found sleeping on a firm bed suits my back best. I massage my back with a hand massager which gives me some comfortable, but when I awake in the morning, it's tight again.  I have gotten a MRI twice and nothing was found. My question is did the needle hit something and if so, what? Has it caused muscle or nerve damage? It's been since July 2005 that I have been living with this pain. I have been prescibed pain pills, but refuse to take them. If anyone knows what is causing the chronic back ache, please do share. I thought we were on to something about the recall needles, but my delivery was in 2005. I'm curious to know if this epidemic is regional or throughout the world. I live in Florida, like one of the other respondents. If we all put our great minds together, we can find out what's going on. Stay in tune.

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by shipp420, Oct 23, 2010
My son is 9 and I have suffered 9 years with pain from a bad Epidural and I could do nothing about the foregin  guy at the hospital you put the needle in my back not once but twice for the same birth. And I suffer everyday with bad back at the site and bruised to the touch from the epidural and on top of all that he pinched my siatic nerve and my right side goes numb from the minute I got the epidural the hospital assured me I would get well but 9 years later they hurt me so bad I can't work from the pain I endure everyday. I just live with it to raise my children.

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by Elephants77, Oct 28, 2010
I had the eplidural 2 1/2 years ago and I have been crippled with night-time back pain EVERY night since then. I have tried the following with no relief and spent thousands of euro looking for a fix. Accupunture/Chiropractors/Osteopaths/Neuromusscular massages/Rolfing etc. Been for MRI and xray but nothing really stood out. The pain has me in tears every night. I'm fine during the day but at night I get spasms in my lower spine and it shoots across to my stomach and up my spine. Need to get up and walk around. Don't get more then 3hrs sleep at any one time in nearly 3 years. Someone please help !

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by sharon735, Nov 05, 2010
I had an epidural and a C section June 2010 and since then I have had pains in my back radiating from the centre of my lower back/top of my hips and down my legs to my ankles. It will happen out of no where one mintue I'm feeling great then next I'm in pain. It gets worse by the hour to the point where I'm in tears. It hurts to sit no matter how i lay I can't get comfortable. Once I lay down good luck getting back up. I hate it cause then pain is so bad I can't pick up my son. When it all first started I thought Oh i just pinched a nerve something I've done in the past. But then it started to happen more and more then the usual twice a year if that. I've also noticed that I get patches  I get tingles under my right shoulder it drives me nuts feels like something is crawling on it.

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by vilmabarr, Nov 29, 2010
I have had 4 epidural anesthesia injections, my last one in 2007 and since then also  feel weakness in my back leading to lower back pain, sometimes its very hard to get up from bed.  It feels as if my spine is getting the needle just like the day I got the injection especially when it rains or a cold front is coming. My left knee gets locked as if I cant bend down or get up but the Osteo Bi-Flex has helped me a lot with the knee problem.  At first I thought it was age, and may be pre menopause or something, I am only 36, however, my doctor said there was nothing he could do, he checked my arthritis, osteoporosis, glucose, etc. and said I was in perfect shape. No explanations, only got the naproxen for pain as needed. I should have listened to my mother who had four children natural and is in better shape than I am as far as the suffering from back pain.  I wouldn't recommend this anesthesia injections to anyone.

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by Rebeccaj_76, Dec 06, 2010
WOW! I am a mother of two my first pregnancy I had all natural but with my second one I decieded to go through with the epidural and now i wish I hadnt because I have experienced sever back pain almost after a year of my second I am fed up with all this pain and if i hadnt of found this sight I would have thought I was acutally insane...I have gone to countless doctors who all have no idea why my back hurts and they all look at me like Im just making it up i have even tried chiropractors but they are just a waste of time because none of them helped...I have tried buying a new bed but it only helped with some of the pain. As a kid I had no back problems not even after giving birth with my first son but now I wake up every day with excruciating pain in my lower to mid back and it just happens to feel like its always right where the epidural was administered, alos sometimes I feel like the very edge of my spine is about to break off...I had to quite a desk job because i could no longer sit down for a long period of time and its worse in the mornings and I can hardly move around and get out of bed pain has never really gone away and its been two years now since I first started feeling this awkward back pain, I wish that there was something that we can all do because there are probably millons of women out there with the same problems...we just need to come together and do something about it. I have read some articals about epidurals before I found this site and all have come to the conclusion that there is no link to long term back pain after have an epidural but it seems to me that they have to be wrong.

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by alecia100, Dec 08, 2010
I have had 3 epidurals, one in 06, another in 08 and recently one in 2010. I have horrible back pain that causes me to not be able to get up, I have actually felt paralyzed. I have went to my doctor about this numerous times, my legs feel tight, ( like i just ran 20 miles) all the time, my neck bone feels like its getting stabbed and sometimes my hips hurt. The doctor told me that it COULD HAVE BEEN FROM THE EPIDURAL. - I had numbness of the bladder for about 2 months, and he said that the epidural could have caused an "infection" that causes these side effects.I also could have nerve damage (working on that currently) .. also caused by the needle. I also might have "a vascular necrosis" which he is investigating. which is arthritis of the hips.. I am hoping I do not have ALL of these problems, but hopefully it helps some of you out with your thoughts! good luck ladies!!

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by nita0716, Dec 11, 2010

Hello,Ladies and friends nice to hear from all of you I been looking into something that could have cause these problems. One question I need to ask all of you.Did all of you used an pain pump doing that time. This is to issue out the pain medicine. Because some health company have some recalled on the machines. Just thinking out loud.One company I do know was Baxter Health Care. If anyone can think of anything please and e-mail some more information so we can get to the bottom of this problem and our pain.

Thank you

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by ladybird44, Dec 20, 2010
My daughter is now 6 years now and am still experiencing the pain, stiffness and the numness in my back and left leg. I have had the epidural and from then my health have not been the same. I cannot sit, stand,walk,or lay down for long hours. There are times when my back and left leg have this tingling feeling in it. All the doctor been giving me is pain killers that never helps. I only wish that they can find a remedy for this pain that we are in.

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by luna4387, Dec 21, 2010
I have 4 children, 5 yrs between my youngest 2. My first 3 i gave birth natural, my last one was an emergency c-section. I was a healthy woman till I got an epidural. In the first 5 wks I had back spasms  that got so bad my whole upper body was jolting like I was having a seizure that was very painful. As wks went by they lightened up an went away till last month, now it is minimal. I had my baby april of this yr. I developed a lump at the injection spot, it was warm to the touch an felt like a bruise. Now that is gone, but the left side right above my butt hurts an my entire hip an love handle area is swollen. I know there is a nerve or vain there, or something cause it hurts an there is a new lump. Docs now days dont care bout what ails us they just care about the money they make from all the tests they do to try and discover what is wrong. Now I personally find it hard to believe that they honestly believe that the epidural that we all received did not cause our symptoms that are either similar or exactly the same. I have ugly words towards these docs.  

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by kerriloub, Dec 30, 2010
i had my 1st epidural with my daughter 4 years ago no problems. however had another with my son 5 months ago. it went totally wrong had lumbar puncher (spinal tap) was sorted with blood patch. however have the worse back ache and been recently experiencing numbness and pins and needles in my left leg. off to the doctors i go lets see what they say!!!! good luck ladies

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by obviouslynotcrazy, Jan 09, 2011
OMG! thank GOD im not alone, nor crazy. had my first baby, vaginally with epidural in july 2006, back pain every since. had my second baby in july 2008, vaginally with twice attempted epidural, that didnt work correctly, resulting in a spinal migraine. i had my husband take me to the er about 1 week of having my second, because i could no longer stand the pain. they werent so convinced i had a spinal migraine, and they thought i might have spinal meningitis, and did a spinal tap. i was stuck at least 15+ times for the spinal tap. some of the worst pain ive ever experienced in my life. results for tap came back negative, so they then ruled it a spinal migraine, due to epidural gone wrong. at that time they gave me tylenol, morphin & a few other drugs to try & relieve my pain. nothing worked. they then gave me a shot of demerol mixed with phenergan in my hip, it worked, THANK GOD. though the next day my migraine was still present once the pain meds wore off. they gave me a prescription for percocets, which had the same effect. they would knock me out. now how in the heck can a woman take care of a 2 yr old & a newborn while being so high off pain meds that i couldnt see straight? and that makes everything all better? moron doctors. so then i have my third baby in december 3009, vaginally with epidural that went as 'smoothly' as with my first born. so we're at a total of 2 good epidurals, 1 bad epidural & 1 bad spinal tap. icing on the cake, i have 3 boys, my husband & i decide we dont wish to have anymore babies & i have a tubial ligation 2 months after my third born, in feburary 2010. now for the past 2 1/2-3 yrs ive had horrific lower & upper back pain, thats worsened when i clean house all day or sit or stand of any normal length of time, hip pain, neck pain, restless legs & arms, and sometimes my fingers on my left hand go numb for days on end. i cant lay flatly on my back in bed or elsewhere without excruiting back pain, worse than any labor pains. along with the reoccuring headaches & fatigue. topping it off with extremely painful menstrual cycles after my tubes were tied & stabbing pains during ovulation monthly. think its more than safe to say, doctors are liars, & dont tell you the complete truth about anything. i surely surely regret the 3 epidurals, the 1 spinal tap & the tubial ligation ive endured. i live in fear my body will never be the same. i hope this gives advice to anyone out there thats unsure of what choice to make. nuff said.

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by candace1984, Jan 22, 2011
I had an epidural in June 2010 when I had my first child. I didn't think that anything could feel as bad as those contractions so I just decided to get it. As soon as I was injected my entire left leg went completely numb. I was concerned because I couldn't move my leg at all. It felt totally different than the rest of my body. I asked about it but was told by the nurses and doctors not to worry. The very next day I started having pain in my left thigh. I asked the nurses and doctors at the hospital again and they said that I was fine. All that I needed to do was probably just stretch my legs and rest. At my 6 week checkup I asked about the pain again (specifically that ever since I had the epidural I have very severe pain in my left leg). I was told that there was no way the epidural was the cause. She basically just dismissed me like I was making it up. I've just been dealing with the pain. I feel it all of the time. Sometimes it is bearable and I am hardly bothered by it but most of the time my pain is very severe. I get to the point that even when I sit or lay down to rest I start crying because it hurts so much. Muscle relaxers don't help that much. All that they do is bring the pain to a bearable level. I thought I was crazy. My boyfriend (baby's father) kind of brushes it off when I say that the epidural is the cause of all of this pain. Does anyone know what could have happened? I just turned 26 and this was my first child. I don't want to have to deal with this pain forever...

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by DonDon2137, Jan 25, 2011
I have the same problem. When i was about 12 i was riding with my brother and we were at a red light and this drunk driver hit us in the back, I was sitting it the back seat. I didnt feel any pain at all. I had my first son in 2006, i had an epidural with him, after i had him when i walked up hills it felt like my bones scraped together in my lower back. i just had my daughter oct 2010 and also had an epidural with her my back hurts worse than ever. When i bend down i have a real sharp shooting pain in my lower back and when i lay down and get back up it just feels like someone stabs me in my lower back. It almost feels like it trys to lock in place at times, it is very painful.

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by DonDon2137, Jan 25, 2011
I have the same problem. When i was about 12 i was riding with my brother and we were at a red light and this drunk driver hit us in the back, I was sitting it the back seat. I didnt feel any pain at all. I had my first son in 2006, i had an epidural with him, after i had him when i walked up hills it felt like my bones scraped together in my lower back. i just had my daughter oct 2010 and also had an epidural with her my back hurts worse than ever. When i bend down i have a real sharp shooting pain in my lower back and when i lay down and get back up it just feels like someone stabs me in my lower back. It almost feels like it trys to lock in place at times, it is very painful.

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by DonDon2137, Jan 25, 2011
I have the same problem. When i was about 12 i was riding with my brother and we were at a red light and this drunk driver hit us in the back, I was sitting it the back seat. I didnt feel any pain at all. I had my first son in 2006, i had an epidural with him, after i had him when i walked up hills it felt like my bones scraped together in my lower back. i just had my daughter oct 2010 and also had an epidural with her my back hurts worse than ever. When i bend down i have a real sharp shooting pain in my lower back and when i lay down and get back up it just feels like someone stabs me in my lower back. It almost feels like it trys to lock in place at times, it is very painful.

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by Tess613, Jan 31, 2011
Jan 31, 2011, 2:20p.m. EST

I am considerably older than all of you, having had epidurals with both of my sons.  The first was a breeze; however, the second, proved disastrous for me.  This took place in 1974.  My son is 37 and I've endured pain for all these years....although I feel so much better today.  My symptoms began the day of giving birth as my right leg up to my hip (lower back) was totally numb.  I nursed my baby in the delivery room and was taken to my room.  Upon awakening I was alarmed, as my right leg was ice cold.  Nurses were alarmed, massaged my leg and continuously put warm blankets on me.  They were extra attentive and I was so thankful.  I left the hospital after 2 days, nursed my son until he was 16 months old, through a year and 4 months of headache pain, night sweats, waking up to nausea and dry heaving..., muscle pain and my stomach and leg calves felt like there were cramping or pulsing pain.  My eyes felt as though they were on a rubber band and hurt when I moved them....On top of this, my heart was beating irregularly and the doctor had me wear a heart monitor for 4 days before putting me in the hospital for testing.
    After 4 days in the hospital with tests, they could come to no conclusive decision on my problem, but one doctor did tell me "you're just a woman"!  Today he wouldn't dare tell me that!  I truly thought I was going to die, and cried myself to sleep every night, with my husband worrying about me.   With no help from the doctors, I decided to write down my symptoms and go to the library, seeking answers from medical books. It took time, but I was determined not to die with 2 children under the age of 3.  I began self administering mega doses of vitamins, minerals, etc.  I took about 4 months for me to start feeling like I was alive again.  My headache pain gradually disappeared after about 5 months. I now experience spells of symptoms (muscle pain in back and right leg, feeling like I'm in a fog, stomach nervousness and my right thigh cramps if I drive for an hour or so.  I just have to stop and walk it out, get water (I drink a lot of water now).  I took certain vitamins for 30 years, went back to work full time, have since retired and was diagnosed with
Fibromyalgia???? What can I say to help each of you besides... don't depend on a Dr to say the epidural harmed you...We all know it did harm us.  Right now, a new neurologist is treating me and knows what I've gone through.  I was given new prescription meds that I cannot take as they make me sick and dizzy, etc.  I still have some problems but they have been reduced through the years.  That doesn't sound comforting to you today, but my advice is "don't give up, you can help yourself by doing some research" and my thoughts and prayers go with you all.  I enjoyed my motherhood in spite of the was hard, but I was determined.  You can do it - I'm with you...xo

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by Sabinakonig, Feb 02, 2011
Hi everybody, so glad found this site bcz I am a firm believer that my back pain is from my epidural while giving birth to my daughter in 1992. I was in Bosnia the city was under siege and no electricity etc. The doctor was trying 5 times until he finally made it. Ever since I have had back pain and now last year to this month I woke up one day and both my legs started hurting rely bad. I have tried to ignore the pain but both my legs and my back hurting at the same time was to much for me to take. I am on disability since and I was diagnosed all kinds of crap from fibromylagia to nerve , muscle pain you name it. I even ended up in mental care and my psychiatrist is finally trying to get me the proper pain care. On February 14th I have to go to Pain Management and hope this one knows what they are doing. I have been an all pain meds that didnt help just patched up the issue. This pain robed me of my job, my car got repod my home is in foreclosure and I had to file bankruptcy. I will keep you guys posted on my 5th try to figure out how to stop the pain. Please all of you out there don't just try to deal with the pain and wait like I have for 18 years to lose the ability to walk around and take care of my self and my family , please don't ignore this pain that will spread in your body take it from me. I came to this country as refugee to escape the war and death and was emberessd to go to the doctor I was finally happy to send my daughter to school knowing she will not get killed and controled my pain with my brain and now it got worse and I have nightmares that I am in a wheelchair. God Bless   SABINA

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by BayCay1620, Feb 08, 2011
This is a complete outrage!!!! How many of us have gone through this same exact scenario and yet these Physicians still refuse to believe it is from the epidural.
I had my first child is 2004 via c-section, the anesthesiologist poked me 9 times and the procedure took over an hour. Thank goodness I did not have any lasting effects from that but in 2009 I had my second child via c-section as well and I was very concerned about having another epidural since the last one was so difficult and it turns out I had good reason to worry. This anesthesiologist (different one than the first) also had a very hard time getting the epidural and after 4 pokes and 45 min later finally got it; I have suffered from non-stop constant back pain ever since! Just like a lot of you I have the dull ache in my low back and hips that sometimes radiates down my thighs, the growing pain feeling, and if someone even barely touches my spine I feel like I am going to throw up.
I feel for all of you ladies : (

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by Ratnip85, Feb 20, 2011
I had my first baby a little over ten months ago April 2010, and it wasn't till i started to loose the extra weight that was gained during my pregnancy that i felt the pain in my lower back. Before the pregnancy I was very thin and in shape and never had any lower back pains. Probably about three to four months after my daughter was born i started to notice the pain in my lower back.  She'll be a year old soon and the pain seems to be getting worse. I have the sensation of the muscle in my lower back being extremely tight, it feels like there is a lot of weight on my lower back. So much sometimes that I can't move, I have awaken some nights in tears. It hurts to the touch and at times is tingly...

I have been searching for answers and am very frustrated that I am in so much pain...It's just crazy to me that there are so many of us that have the same problem..It doesn't make sense that there is no relation to the epidural and the pain that is soon to follow, there has to be some kind of common link. My anesthesiologist was wonderful and with my planned C-Section it took one shot to get it right and maybe 5 min for the whole procedure. I would just hope that someone would read all of this who has the ability to give us all a straight answer and help us relieve some of the pain.

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by meggles8987, Feb 28, 2011
So I have 2 children (5 and 3 years old). Both kids I had what they call a intrathecal and everything seemed fine. About a week after my daughter was born in 2005 I started having severe head aches to the point that I couldn't even hold her. They told me it was a side effect and that Tylenol would help. Eventually the headache subsided. About 2 years ago my headaches have returned and have been terrible, I have been diagnosed as having chronic migraines. I mentioned what had happened after I had my daughter and they told me it had nothing to do with that at all. Most likely it is caused from stress according to them. I take medication daily to control my headaches. On January 9th 2011 I started having a severe back ache, so bad I went to the hospital. They didn't even examine my back, no xray, no nothing. All the doctor could tell me was that it is normal for women my age to have lower back pain. I am 23 years old and should not feel like a 70 yr old woman. Since that day I have had a backache EVERY SINGLE DAY!! The doctors have no answers for me. I don't think they know what they are doing. I am tired of seeing the doctor for my headaches and tired of having to take medication everyday. I want to be back to where I was before I had my children. Everyday I wake up in pain from my back and my head. I have been doing research but really can't seem to find anything until now. I have read the posts on here and its horrible to think that we all have the same problem. Hopefully someone will get a clue and figure out how to fix it. Best of luck to all of you!!

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by Exotic_Beauty, Mar 05, 2011
Ladies I am right there with all of you. I am 30 years old and had my son when I was 19. He was an emergency C-section so I was knocked out without an epidural. For my daughter who is now 5 I had a planned C-section so the epidural was used. Now I am on the heavy side so they stuck me twic becuase the first time they didn't get the right spot. But I have noticed that ever since having that epidural that I have been experiencing the worse lower back pains as well as upper thigh pains, also like a numbness in the lower back if I sit for too long. I have what feels like a permanent numbness in my upper, outer right thigh. The worst is the lower back pains as I some times need medication just to function. And just like all of you the doctors act as if the epidural is not related to all of this when it clearly is the root of the problem. It's probably the doctors code of protecting each other but it ***** for us who have to suffer with this daily. I wish you all the best with what your going through. I do recommend the Icy Hot patches for a little relief. God Bless all of us mommies and our children :)

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by Exotic_Beauty, Mar 05, 2011
To meggles8987 I too suffered the severe headaches two days after giving birth to my little girl. It was so bad I had to stay in bed until I was discharged from the hospital. To date I have been diagnosed with "Chronic Migraines" and have to take meds for them. It really makes me wonder what the heck is in the medication they use in the epidural if so many are experiencing the same things.

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by mapplegate2905, Mar 11, 2011
I have to say this site is scary to me because I have been hoping for eventual relief from my back pain which I've had since September 1998 when I had an epidural when I had my son. Needless to say a year and a half later when I had my daughter I chose to have a natural birth because of the fear of making the pain in my back worse. Had I known that 12 years I would still have the back pain I might have chanced it. Since my epidural I have had sometimes agonizing dull pain in my mid lower to right back. Sometimes when I bend over it feels like I'm not going to be able to get up. I am 34 and feel like I'm 90 some days. About 2 years ago I developed a bad case of sciatica, nerve pain in my right leg that usually supposedly goes away on its own, though mine has not. I only weigh100 poiunds always have, nor could I find any other reason on what could have caused it until I started researching back pain caused by an epidural. My doctor has given me everything under the sun and nothing helps. Right now I take 2 7.5 mg Vicodin a day which helps very little. I also take 1200 mg of Neurontin throughout the day which helps my sciatica my not the lower back pain. I made an appointment with my doctor as I just recent learned the pain could be caused by an epidural and I'm going to ask him about it but it sounds like something I am just going to have to deal with which is awful. An ideas please let me know. Thanks!

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by kandi929, May 05, 2011
hi everyone im a 28yr old mother of two 6 weeks after the birth of my son in05 which i had an epidural for a c-section, i lost all feeling in my legs and started having temporary paralysis. it lasted for about a yr on and off thenin09 i had my daughter after numerous epidural attempts i had two be put to sleep now i am falling about four times a week i use a walker and cane and can no longer do the things i used to i have severe pain numbness muscle spasms and its heartbreaking because i cant get up and play with my kids after being sent to a nuero and a rheumy and multiple test they now think my problems are related to the epidural i see my new doc in a few weeks i will let you know what i find out, my heart goes out to everyone suffering maybe we will get answers soon.

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by sky777, Jun 11, 2011
Just want to say to the lady (LiveFreedom?) who said it is not the epidural that is the problem but the ladies need to lose weight. This is not true. I had an epidural during the birth of my son and then I put on 20kg in the years after that and I never had back pain. I have since lost the 20kg many years later, but my point is, with these ladies it is not weight that is the problem. Ladies I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I know none of us like having a needle in our spine. Recently I had a lumber puncture where they stick a needle into your spine to obtain spinal fluid. I was very scared and did not want it but after weeks of being incredibly ill I agreed and the lumber puncture showed I had viral meningitis (I am better now).  So sorry for your troubles and what you are going though. I send you hugs.

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by Sore4life, Jul 25, 2011
Hi everyone,
I had my first epidural back in 2000, while in labour, I experienced a few difficulties.  The specialist was busy caught up elsewhere in the hospital.  A student doctor at the time came too aide my midwife, during this time the student doctor waited for the specialist and as time went by paging after paging to the doctor the student attempted with the injection.  When he tried, I felt both my legs in the badest ever pain, unbearable I started screaming.  Finally the specialist came into the room and administered the epidural.  Since this injection, my lower back has formed a large bump that has visible nerves in it.  It always hurts like hell and on bad days I feel sudden shots of pain go up my spine, tingling go from the lump travelling to my left buttocks shooting straight down my leg.  On bad days I cant move, it hurts too much.  I am scared for life, I have also seen many doctors who blamed my weight, and couldnt really say what the lump was, but till this day I damn well know that I wasnt this way before that epidural.  I wish I didnt take it, through my determination not to have anymore c sections, I had 2 other natural births but the bad news is that the lump is still there and so is the pain.   Has this happened to anyone else?

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by dannii2720, Aug 11, 2011
Hi everyone ;-). i'm sorry to hear that you have all had a bad run :-(. Hope you are all getting better. I had my first epidural in 2009 during labour as my baby girl was 8 pounds!!! boy was it hurting a little. All good, heard the "POP" in my spine which frightened me at the time but anything would have helped.LOL. Had another baby 2010, baby boy who was 9 pounds!!!.had an emergency c-section.  I decided to have the epidural early so that i was more comfortable, but heard NO "POP" it just threw me a little so i joked and said to the doctor( hope its ok i didnt hear the same "POP" ) he said he had done 1000's of epidural i will be just fine. I was not convinced. The odds are 1 in 2000 (i think) ladies have a reaction to the epidural. I WAS THE 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! After 3 days i started to have really bad headaches that bad i couldn't move my head. cancelled all my visitors. 4 days still really bad, then i had stiffness in my neck as well, it didn't matter what they gave me my head was going to EXPLODE!!!!! ;-( 5days went by, it took one young nurse to realise that i was having a reaction to the epidural. no other nurses thought that i was that bad. So on the 6th day i was rushed down stairs to have a Spine Tap. it was the most painful thing after being stitched up and put in the most awkward position for the 1hr and a half operation that i had it was only suppose to take 15-20mins. 4 nurses had a turn at trying to put the epidural needle in my back but they took about 8 goes (they couln't do it) i was getting very angry at this stage i couldn't believe that none of them knew what they were doing!!!! What they had to do was drain 20-30mlsmls of my blood out and put it in the needle and suringe it up through my spine until i couldn't take the pain. It took again a younger nurse to get it in the FIRST time, i was so glad it was such a painful operartion i don't wish it on anyone. Anyway sorry for blah blah. Lately i have woken up paralized from my lower back down, and unable to move my legs, the pain and numbness of my lower body is so painful. it has happened quite a few times and it seems to be just before i get my period. it is very frightening and very scary. PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN LET ME KNOW IF AND WHAT THEY THINK, email me im due to go to docs on Monday anyway for tests it would be great to hear from you. All the best, Dannii

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by cobaltblue521, Oct 10, 2011
Can you have these symptoms one year after and get progrssively worse? I am i had twins last year Nov ; No c section but i felt a terrible pain when he put in the epidural; he said im sorry took it out and replaced it. I believe that he hit a nerve, Im on morphine to help; im scared and dont know if i am going to get worse!!

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by swaterm1, Nov 12, 2011
So glad to have found this site as well. I had a baby boy in Feb. of this year (2011). The anaesthesiologist that gave me my epidural stuck me over and over and over because she couldn't get the needle in the right spot. My fiancee said it was at least 7 times that she stuck me and that I had blood dripping down my back. By the time she got it in right, I was sweating profusely and in extreme pain. This was the ONLY time during my labor/delivery that I actually cried. My epidural went perfectly well with my first son, but this one was clearly not the same quick, easy experience. Ever since I had my son in Feb. (and had the epidural), I get extreme pain in my lower back and across my hips. I can't sleep in any more because the only way to get the pain to start to go away is to get up and stand or sit down. However, if I stand to long, it causes extreme pain in my lower back as well. My hands get tingly & numb quite a back hurts all the time, lower & upper. I'm having so many problems I didn't have before my son was born. My muscles in my upper back feel like they will split if stretch them too far. My joints feel bruised, my lower spine feels bruised - the muscles on the outside of my bones feel like they're bruised. I have headaches daily. To top it all off, I now have panic makes me wonder if it's related to all of this pain I feel on a daily basis. Anyway, I officially detest my anaesthesiologist. I KNOW this has something to do with my epidural. I did NOT have any of these issues until after the epidural...and I did NOT have any of these issues after the birth of my first son (when the anaesthesiologist DID get it right). I don't know what to do at this point, if there's anything I CAN do. All I know is that the anaesthesiologist that administered my epidural should not be allowed to touch anybody's spine.

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by bethanysolana, Nov 20, 2011
Hello everyone. I do really believe there is a relationship between local anesthesia and MS when it is wrongly placed. In my case I was completely healthy and after having local anesthesia I started having tinnitus, blurry vision, palsy, numbness, paresthesia, everything was developping into a worse health. There were moments in which I couldn't move when I woke up from my bed and a doctor told me that I had something similar to MS, my organs were stopping to work. I visited an accupunturist which unblocked the effect of anesthesia and now I am starting feeling better. It was an accupunturist in Solana Beach, Dr Raymond Woo. A great doctor.

Hope you all recover.


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by Jewels5121, Nov 29, 2011
OMG, Incredible... I cannot believe how many people feel my pain... I just had a hemmoroid operation and they gave me an Epidural shot... Because the recovery of that operation is so brutal, i figured at the time, anything that would help me through it (although I never received an Epidural shot in the first surgery)... However, never was I told that there would be any side effects... It's been almost 4 weeks and the pain in my back makes me feel like I'm 100 years old... Does this go away?  Had I known this, I would have taken the pain...  I so regret it... Is there any hope?

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by mommyoftwo30, Dec 11, 2011
Wow! I didn't realize that so many women had the same issues that I have. Ten years ago, I had my first child and had an epidural, three months later I started having some stinging around where the needle was injected. I also started have major back and neck spasms, which I have never had before. Sixteen months later, I had my other child and had another epidural and they messed up, all I heard was "Uh-oh and another nurse say "Shh, it's alright." But at that point I had a HUGE pain in my hip and it's never felt the same since then. Three years ago, I started have major problems in my feet that sometimes caused immobility. Every year since, it has gotten worse and worse. Right now, as I type this post, I am experiencing issues in my legs and hips and have a new pain in my back. So far I haven't see a doctor for it, but I notice it's worse during the colder seasons but there is pain all throughout the year.
For all of you who have had an epidural and are experiencing issues, try this:
Don't take a shower when it's cold out, this can cause your muscles to tighten and cause immediate pain.
Try a heating pad at the spot where the epidural was injected. This really helps alot.
Cover your legs with a blanket or two and always make sure you wear warm parents in the colder months.
You can also try the new "rocker" shoes from Dr. Scholl's. These are very helpful with the pain I get in my chins and feet.
When you experience pain, cover up and give yourself about 15 minutes of immobility and hopefully you will have found what I have found, some peace with the pain.

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by raitchy, Dec 20, 2011
i had my son in January 2010 and i had a epidural after giving birth to me son. i barely ever had back ache before i had the epidural done, then eversince i did get it done, i have been getting real tense back aches from below where the doctors injected the epidural every single day . not only that, sometimes when i walk, the part of my spine that is in level with my hips feels like its grinding and sort of like is slightly has a little popping/cracking feeling aswell. my hips ache, about 80% of the time my legs slighty ache, tingly, legs feels heavy, get pins and needles feeling sometimes when i walk. i get pins and needles just randomly on my right hand palm. i get tingley/pins and needles feeling at the bottom of my feet...  if i sit down for any longer then 5-10 minutes, my lower back always has the feeling that it needs to be cracked. and you know what? im not over weight, im only 70-75kg, i have had the epidural done to me, i have had multipal pain eversince, so that explains that the epidural does have a long-term affect
obviously some doctors say that having all this kind of pain is not related to the epidural. well i dont think that they dont fully know how and what epidural could affect any one.  well i read that about 19% of women gets back pain and all that after getting the epidural proceedure. the link thats attached om my comment, it kind of does prove that the side effects

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by raitchy, Dec 20, 2011
the back pain might go away for some, but some has too live with it for years. i think it also depends on the person and if you need chiro or anyone like that that would help you with the back pain

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by yoteach75, Jan 07, 2012
Hi everyone! I am having the same problems as many of you are. I too had an epidural on August 3, 2010 for my c-section. I went to Dr. Had X-rays and was also told it was definitely not epidural, but inflammation of my lower back. This was from the constant picking up of my child. Yeah right! I was prescribed Mobic. The pain went away for the time I was taking the meds, but came back as soon as I quit taking. I also had preeclampsia, which damaged my liver and kidney so I can no longer take Mobic or any other forms of pain killers even ibuprofen. I have researched an came across a form of chiropractic called NUCCA. My mother has had good results by going this route to help her siatic nerve pain. There are very few of these drs,  none of which are even in my state. I am willing to try just about anything to get my active life back.

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by Tankarjoe, Jan 10, 2012
Oh my gosh I'm so happy I found this site! I had my son on July 27 2009, I had an epidural and it was wonderful for me during labor. I had to have an emergency csection and they had to redo my epidural cause I was feeling them cut me! Well about a year ago I was sitting at my kitchen table and when I rested against the chair a part of the chair touched my lower back and it felt like there was a huge bruise there, I was screaming and crying it hurt so bad! My brother lifted the back of my Hirt up to see if I have a cut or bruise but there was nothing! This spot on my spine hurt to even touch or lay down on a firm surface. I also started having sever leg pains like growing pains and then developed a very aggressive vibration feeling in my left calf. About 4 months go I then developed horrid low back pain so bad that I would go to the ER. They wouldn't even take X-ray they just told me I was having a panic attack and it was in my head! Then walking just became a chore! I eventually was let go from my job after 6 years because I could no longer walk and run andnplay with the children that I worked with. My life steers falling apart I got severly depressed! I went from doctor to doctor with no luck! Finally this past Halloween while trick or treating with my son and husband I started getting bad cramping like usual and was upset because I didn't want this to interfere with our night, my back started to throb then within 10 minutes my legs went numb and nmh bck gave out and I fell to the ground in agony! It felt like I was just hit by a car! My husband rushed me to the ER and finally they did an X-ray which showed a disturbance but they couldn't tell what so they gave me an MRI and the doctor came in and said that I had 2 herniated discs in my lower lumbar spine! I had never been in an accident or even broken a bone so I was shocked by this diagnosis! for another 2 weeks I lived with the mystery of how the heck this happened! Then one night my husband got home from work and suggested that "what if it was from the epidural?" I called my doctor the next day and she insisted that was not the case, then I got a call from an old friend who moved back to town and she had twin girls. We got together for a play date with our kids and she was telling me about her epidural nightmare and all her symptoms were the same as mine! A specialist told her that she had a herniated disc from the epidural going in to far and getting an overdose of the medication!! I was shocked! Well to make it quicker I ended up finding out that that's what happened to me! So just letting all you ladies know to tell your doctor that you want an MRI and demand it!! You never know! Im having surgery in 1 week to repair my discs and hopefully then I will finally have relief!!! Good luck ladies I'll be thinking of you all! Don't give up and keep fighting for yourself!

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by RVilla, Feb 15, 2012
Wow I have had this pain since November 2003. I really thought I was alone. After reading all these comments didn’t know if I should be happy or just cry. Same thing Epidural shot given to me after I was dilated I had no idea I would have these types of sides effects. Does it get better, not in my case I had another child in 2007 and the pain is still there. Pretty much I live with the pain every day, stopped taking the medication because I did not want to feel groggy around my know what I mean. Also I had cortisone shots administered last year they hurt so bad and yes the pain goes away for 2-3 months but then they come back and even worse. My pain is at level 10 for pain no relief. Everyday the pain is there, I do not know if you guys have the bulge -I have like a knot of muscle-feels like a golf ball if you place your hand over it. Well now the pain has spread and goes across my back, feels like my legs want to tear away from body. I hate complaining about the pain but it does hurt and I have to be careful of my activities I am not old I am now 38 and sometimes I feel like 100 because I cannot move especially when it is cold air. I carry my sweaters, shawls everywhere I go. How can I find out if what my doctors used when they administered my shot? That is very interesting; do you think the hospital would cover up that information?? If anyone has knowledge of this please forward any information
Please if anyone finds help PLEASE let us know. Take care everyone:-)

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by 2kidsinTN, Feb 29, 2012
I have had 2 kids by C section.  With the first I had no issues with the epidural.  But after the last baby on 8/31/12, I feel a constant bruise in that spot 6 months later.  Tonight I was rubbing on it a bit and the mild pain is only in the spot where the needle went in.  About an hour later my legs started going numb.  It has to be from the epidural!  Someone needs to make this information known.  Doctors are probably afraid of malpractice though.

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by pixie2007, Apr 09, 2012
Well I can relate to everyone on here that an epidural can mess you up. I had a baby 5 months ago and was given an epidural that didnt work and then a spinal tap  since then i just havent been right. My back hurts and my muscles was hurting all over so i kept going to my family dr and he would just want to give pain med and muscle relaxors to just cover up the problem but i dont like taking any meds so none of it did me any good sitting in the cabinet.About 2 months ago i starting having numbness and hurting in my arms and hands so i ended up going to a chiropractor and he diagnosed me with a pinched nerve but he said that drs can say what they want that an epidural and spinal tap can cause alot of problems. I think he would know since all he fools with is the spine. At least someone agrees with us about an epidural.

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by Kjen78, May 03, 2012
Glad I'm not nuts...this last baby 5 and a half years ago, the doctor told me he wouldn't let me VBAC if we didn't do things HIS way (ie. epidural, internal monitoring, etc) well whoever did it screwed it up!! Not only did I feel the contractions on my left side the WHOLE LABOR, but my lower back has been jacked up ever since. So we all have the same paina nd issues...thing there any RELIEF????Is there anything that can be DONE FOR IT???

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by emashburn, May 15, 2012
OMG!!  I am happy to have found this blog and very sad at the same time.  My baby is only 3 months and I have been having these issues for 2 months now.  I have had a nerve test, and xrays.  Tomorrow I go for MRI's, however, after reading this blog I am so discouraged that they will find anything wrong!  I have just started getting to the point of pain and if I do anything physical it gets worse.  I really thought I may have something wrong with my low back because it feels locked and painful.  I have issues holding my child after a while and that makes me sad and angry!!  I can't imagine having this as an ongoing problem.  Good luck to all and I will keep you updated on my results!!!

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by TeddieH, May 21, 2012
I am so glad Im not the only one w/ these problems!!  I have two boys 14 months apart.  My first one was born in 2007.  I had an epidural, where I was stuck several times before he was able to get it in.  Not too long after I had it put in, my right leg began feel different, more swollen, than my left leg.  Then my Midwife hyperextended my right hip, as she held my leg back for the 2 and 1/2 hours it took to push my son out.  I had sever leg pain for months after my son was born, but because I got pregnant when my baby was 5 m/o, the Doc's told me there wasnt anything they could do til after I had my second son.  When I went into labor w/ my second son, I had another epidural, and this time the guy stuck me a min of 10 TIMES before he was able to get the epidural in.  My Mom stood there and counted how many time he stuck me!  Then maby an hour after getting it, it felt like my baby kicked me really hard on my left side and you heard a loud pop!  As soon as that happened, I had extream intense pain on my left side that was not contractions.  The new anesthesiologist that came on shift told my Midwife that it was not normal and something was severly wrong.  30 min later I was in the OR having a C-Section.  Ever since, I have had sever right leg pain..begining w/ my first son in 2007!!  One Doc swore up and down it was not the epidural.  I really find it hard to believe, bc the same thing happened to my Uncle when he had to have an epidural for knee surgery.  That Doc told me I need to exercise and work through the pain and lose weight, and then I will notice the pain disipate.  WRONG!!  I worked out almost everyday for an entire year.  Got down to 128 lbs!! (My pre-prego weight was 142)  My leg killed me the whole time, and all I was ever told was theres nothing they can do.  So I stopped working out.  I have unfortantually gained almost 60 lbs.  My leg only gave me problems when I would have a long day on my feet.  But now I have started working out and being up and around more, and now my leg is killing me again!! Ive been on Gabapentin for the last 2 years, which has helped a lot.  I do have a noticable difference when I take it & when I miss a few days.  I have had nerve testing done, but it only showed that my right hip was a little on the tense side.  Now Im seeing a different Doc, so we will see what he says.  Im beyond discouraged at this point.  Im going to see if I can get an MRI done now, but Im not holding my breath.  I would just like for them to find out whats going on so I can do physical therapy to help correct (if it's possible) rather than being on pain medication for the rest of my life.  Im 27, I would like to have more kids..but I can not get prego while Im on the medication, and I have to have a C-Section (bc of other complications) so thats another epidural.


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by bagos, Jun 18, 2012
I need help! My wife had an epidural and it didnt work for her labor. It only lasted one contraction. She got the spinal to give birth. One week after she is being having some chronic pain in the middle back. Two weeks, three weeks and now. This is the second day in a row. We went to the chiropractic and he cracked her back. Its nighttime and she is rolling in the floor with pain and crying. What am I supposed to do. Please I need help.

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by jazbigham, Nov 20, 2012
When I was in labor with my 2nd daughter, The anesthesiologist was having a hard time finding the correct spot in my back because he said my back is curved.He stuck me with the needle about 13 times because my husband counted the dots on my back. My daughter is now 5 months old and I have back pain from the middle of my back down to my lower back. When I get up from bed or sitting a while is when it hurts at most.  I have been a healthy person for many years before this labor. I never had any problems physically after my first daughter. I ran miles and exercised at least 4-5times a week. Im thinking this is a problem that happened in the result of the epidural. I need advice please..

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by wemerick, Nov 29, 2012
Does anyone feel a menthol  type  feeling in your spine or on your face along with back  pain?

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by MonicaG1969, Jan 19, 2013
Hello I'm 43 soon to be 44, I know most of you or all of you will think I'm crazy but here it goes, I'm a mother of 7 my last one was born 5 years ago and 6 of them were by Cesarean Section, I know legally is not accepted but what can I say,Just if God send them to me I was just glad the he choose me for a mother of his little angels, but I guess all happiness don't come with consequences,now at this age, even and health wise,I hardly even get a cold but, since my 3 cesarean I have back pain but now I don't have that running around life,I do home school to my 2 little girls and soon to my little boy, every time that I do my house chores bending or picking up even carry my little boy it follow by a horrible pain that feels like I'm about to lose my ability to walk, and scares me because my 4 last kids are a 16,8,7,5 years old and they need me and I'm a single mom for the pass 4 1/2 years and my mom and my sisters are older,and they don't have the patience to raise 4 young children.No one told me the it was going to be a problem with the pass of the years only that complications on labor will be on risk,but every mayor surgery has them, and my kids need to be born. and that to me it was a small price to be for the joy to be a mother. This is not what I sign for I don't feel this is something none of us was warned about it.

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by brenda841, Feb 05, 2013
Have any of you ladies had any problems bending over? My daughter had an epidural about a month ago and ever since she has had back pain at the epidural sight and whenshe bends over she gets stuck and can not straighten up for a couple minutes. Has anyone else had this problem?

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by hughes123, Mar 19, 2013
Hey,yes I get this problem all the time, I had my boy nearly 2 years ago now (he's 1 1/2) I'm up all night with lower back pain and when its at its worst my right leg starts shaking like shivering, my hips hurt really bad too I can't lift my son up its that bad! I went to the doctor last year and had. Aqupuncter the lil needles in ur back and that seemed to work for abit, then it came back at this time I was into horse riding and I fell off whilst doing a canter! I'm upp crying some night cuz I can't seem to settle cause of this sharp pain and it spreads from my lower back round to my c-section scar and rown my right leg, when I stand up I'm shaking cuz the pain is unbareable, I've been to the doctors several times and they just give me pain killers that knock me out, now their no good to me when I have a lil boy to look after nothing seems to work :( and I've only just turned 20 this year! do any of you have the related symptoms?  Xx

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by Olya1, Apr 03, 2013
When I had my third daughter over 24 years ago, I had an epidural block for the cesarean.  Ever since then, whenever my immune system is weakened, I have severe neuralgia - severe pain deep in my left hip and down my leg. The pain is so severe sometimes that only heat will take the edge off.  There have been times when I felt like a mermaid, as sitting in a hot bath was the only way to numb the pain for a short time, so for 2-4 days (round the clock) I would immerse myself in a hot bath for 15 min. then try and sleep for 1-2 hours before the effect wore off and I would be dunking myself again.  If it's not too severe, a couple of hot water bottles help, (refilling every 2 hours).  Thank you to the medical system for creating a problem when there wasn't one. I have been enduring this severe pain once, twice or sometime three times a year.  I am 62 now and it really does knock me about.  No pain killers, not even injections or morphine reduce the pain.  Only heat. I would NEVER recommend an epidural for anyone - DANGEROUS AND DEBILITATING

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by lifeistooshort14, Feb 15, 2014
Hi ladies,..So glad to know its not just me...although its sad that this is such a common problem and Drs dont care. .and as a matter of fact they try to convince you to get an epidural ...Ive had three kids three epidurals and my last delivery(4-5-12) I was having a contraction and the anesthesiologist yelled at me and on top of that when she poked my back it hurt way more than just "slight discomfort"...and ever since I feel tightness in that area and strong lower backpain..IfI bend over ive gotten to the point i cant get up or if I do housework i cant bend down and can barely currently pregnant and Will not be having an epidural this time...and regret ever getting one...after all women had babies for ages before heart goes out to all of u.

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by Lizinpain, Mar 04, 2014
I am 57 I had my son in 1974 and was given 2 epidurals. The first was given to me wrong and was given another. I was at home a week later bent down to change my baby's diaper and got stuck and could not straighten up. I have been in pain from that day 39 years ago till today. It is a pain I have had to live with ever since. I still get stuck when I bend over. I cannot get out of bed in the morning without rolling off the bed and holding on to the night stand to slowly ease my back to straighten up. Anything I do that I have to bend over even slightly my hips get stiff and my lower back feels as if my spine is going to crack in half. My doctor gave me norco for the pain but it barley made a difference. Then  I found that oxvcon 30 mil. helps but my dr retired and now I can't get another .prescribe it to me because they think I'm a liar I just want to get high. I'm trying to get a pain mangemet specialist to see if they will prescribe it to me. So yes ladies you are all going to live with that pain everyday for the rest of your lives because Dr. refuse to believe you and will turn you into a drug abusing drug addict and you will never find any dr. who will agree with you and give you what you need to live a day almost pain free. I am sorry ladies but 39 years of living with my back pain'i know there is no relief because doctors are of no good what so ever.

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by Jenna987, Mar 27, 2014
I am about 5 months post partum and having muscle spasms mainly in my right leg, my right leg feels like its going through a growing pain but doesn't hurt or anything. My right hand also is very stiff. I have more muscle weakness on my right side as well. Vibrating feeling in my hands and feet at times, my bones crack all the time and is scary sounding! All this started around 3 months postpartum! Though this is my third son no epidural but my first two I did have an epidural and my back was in horrible shape! Now it's my muscles :/ anyone have anything similar? I feel so old an worried.

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by carrismith40, Apr 23, 2014
Ladies i believe if we could find an attorney to help us, we do indeed have a case. I'm a mother of 3 my last child is 7 i have had debilitating back pain. I couldn't lift my baby and my right leg turned outward. My legs go numb with pain and sometimes I can't even walk! I can't walk to the end of my block without pain. I can't bend or reach my arms up to comb my hair without pain in my arms also followed by numbness. I have worked since I was 18 I'm 43 now and walk like a 89 yr . I believe since we've all documented these things at their onset that with proper legal counsel and media attention it could Wk. I am so tired of constant pain!! I no longer have insurance and can't afford emergency rm fee's. UNITY IS THE KEY.  Some one has to help us. God bless all of u.

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by Rosaliesmomma, Jul 25, 2014
I had my daughter in March 2013 and ever since I've had the epidural I've had serve back pain and I would wake up most nights or mornings not being able to feel my legs at all.

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by Birthstone, Aug 03, 2014
I had an epidural in 02.  Since then my left leg feels to have constant numbness.  Not numb like pins and needles but more like a vibrating feeling from my left but all the way down to my toes. It doesn't hurt but it feels like my leg is lazy. It feels like my leg just wants to drag instead of walk. It's also very hard to get up in the morning because my left leg just doesn't want to move.  It's a terrible feeling. It's even hard for me to walk up the steps.  I used to walk allot for exercise but even that is hard now.  I don't have any pain at all I just feel different than it used to feel and it's very uncomfortable to me.  

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by funkyfrog56, Oct 26, 2014
I had an epidural in Jan 2011 as I was having my foot operated on. The needle struck something on the way in and I shot off the table. It never took so ended up being knocked out with a general. I wake up every morning my lower back like a dead weight. I can hardly move. My rheumatologist (I have Sjogren's Syndrome) has referred me for an MRI scan to see if there is any damage at the puncture site which is still extremely tender. He hasn't dismissed the possibility though that the epidural could have caused damage. Scan is this week so fingers crossd that something shows up.

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by lovechop, Oct 26, 2014
I had a epidural in 1992 when I had a c section and I swear this is y I have really bad back problems and still pains down my right hand side of my leg due to not walking properly with the pain in my lower back but I give up now at 57 nobody listens

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by i_love85, Jan 18, 2015
Hello lady's I'm 29yrs old and I had my daughter on July 3 2007 and I had emergency c section n I got that shot to n I didn started having so much pain in till now in 2015 it got so bad that I take strong pain killers just to stard my day n be able to clean around my house. the pain I get it hurts so bad that when I sit down to watch TV or help my daughter wit home work it hurts that I can't stay sit for so long. It hurt so bad down to my tail bone I don't knw if anyone of u guys is getting that pain I when to the Dr n they say is normal plus because I'm getting older smh I don't believe it but I Hope someone can help me wit any ifomation abt this pain because I'm scare that is something else thk u so much.

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by MARSA123, Jan 30, 2015
I need advice. Maybe someone had been in the same boat. my wife done C-section. she was fine except she had migraines. we thought that its the side effects. 5 days later she cannot use her legs. she can move her legs a little bit buts its like jelly she cannot walk anymore and the headaches got till the point that it feels like head is going to burst. I just want to know if someone as in a similar scenario and what chances is the for full recovery?? doctors are not very helpful and way too slow in finding out what's wrong

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by MixxedTattedChicck, Mar 19, 2015
I had my 5th child in 2006,the Dr went to  put the Epidural in and all I felt was a sharp pain on my right side,  then he started over and there was another sharp pain on my left side. After 4 tries, he finally got it right. I had 3 more children after that but the numbness and pain has never gone away. I don't know where to go or what kind of Dr would be able to help me

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by andreamama12, Apr 20, 2015
I had a epidural/spinal tap in 2011 when I gave birth. Ever since then I've been having lower back pain. The pain is worst when I try bending over.

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by sjsbigbum, Apr 23, 2015
Hi all, I had my first son in 2000 with an epidural for emergency c section.  I don't remember any problems at the time of injection and had no problems after. I had had a short lived bad back like most people before the first delivery and I was fit and healthy in general.  My second son was born 2002, epidural done with assisted natural delivery. Suction cup and forceps.  Could not get that baby out....took ages.  Can't be sure mine is the same story as all of you but I'd like to share.  I was then still fit an active after delivery.  About 12 months or more after baby 2 I started waking up with a stiff, sore aching lower back.  Nerve like pain shooting in my butt and hips, pain going into my knees only.  Also from injection site.  The pain always started in the morning and would normally with the help of a heat pad ware off late morning.  It would be like I have a rod up my back that stops me from bending down and the pain when I do try!  Walking around my back would go into spasm and seize up.  I got relief from resting in the sitting position.This went on for about 10 years!  I got a dog, moved house and did more walking etc and my pain did get better.  Almost didn't even notice it, felt reborn and so happy.  I did have a bad back but it went away.  But sadly after a horrible cough from hell I did something and it pains me again.  This time the pain is worse and at 40 I feel 60.  Pain wakes me in the night sometimes, can't turn over etc.  I went to see an Osteopath and she did ask me if I had had an epidural, she believes it could be my cause.  The treatment didn't help.  I don't believe the doctors will ever agree to the epidural being the cause as imagine the claims!  Can only hope the pain goes away or is barely noticed again as really what else is there to do.
So sorry for all of you, but glad i am not alone.....

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by JadedSoul80, Jun 19, 2015
I had my little girl 5 years ago....they had to try 4 times to get it right with the epidural and now i have radiating pain in the middle of my lower back out to my hips as well...cant understand why doctors wont admit its the epidural...not all of us can be making this up...

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by Spinalx2, Sep 07, 2015
I'm thankful to have found this forum and hope to hear some positive updates from previous commenters!
I used to be a very active person who enjoyed outdoor water/snow sports to the extreme. Never had any major sports injuries and only 1 major car accident which left me a little stiff. I believe my pain stems from pregnancy and the spinal injections. The back pain has become much worse over the last year,to the point of unbearable the last 6 months. This has been going on for 5+ years and managed by pain med's on/off, PT and strenching my inner core. I have a new MRI tomorrow which of course, makes me nervous because I can feel the deterioration.
My son was born in 1997 and after a difficult time getting pregnant, my daughter was born in 2010. I was 37 and have a small frame. Both babies presented breech and ended in c-section with spinal epidurals. Even with different  anesthesiologists, they BOTH ended up "poking" the needle in wrong place. My leg jumped off the table SO high! Warning the 2nd Dr and sitting "Indian Style" it STILL happended again!
After the birth of my son,I experienced horrible back pains, tingling, numbness and dilbilating migraines - just like so many others here! My migraines subsided after 2 years and the pain became easier to manage. The birth of my daughter has been a whole different experience! The back pain started mid pregnancy and has continued to worsen over the past 5+ years. The back pain started in both my middle and lower back. My middle back would go out and felt like I had a golf ball sized lump there afterrorism the spinal. As the years went by, my lower back pain has now trumped the mid back. It's much more difficult to sleep, get out of bed or get thru the day without meds.
My doctor who is also a DO but, stopped adjustments 6 months ago. He has prescribed multiple meds to help combat the issues. However, I've been sensitive to most all meds from muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, patches and even others like Gabapentin and Lyrica. I'm either comatose or, have the opposite reaction or feel nausea. I've only been receptive to one narcotic pain medication without having hives or feeling "off". So, I'm  looking for input on how others manage their pain? My doctor sent me to PM for spinal injections, but that's kinda hard to swallow when the majority aren’t getting relief AND I believe this all started from a spinal injection!

I hope to hear from a few of you with your experiences to meds that worked and from those who have happily moved forward from pain. Thanks and healing thoughts to all!

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by akaGLIA, Oct 06, 2015
I can give you all some "insight" into your disorder. I would call it "the perfect storm". Sooner or later you will get diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)RSD. I have been suffering from the same situation, exactly, since 1991.
It is a pretty safe bet that most of you also have developed serious bouts of fatigue, brain fog and occasional severe pain "attacks" on top of the chronic pain. You also may have had "trouble" with your bowels around your menstrual cycle, since it's onset.
The physicians you are seeing are not world class microbiologists, which would tell you that the invasive procedure opened an easy pathway into your central nervous system. For what? Mycoplasma and Spirochetes. Unfortunately for us, mainstream infectious Disease specialists are not informed that PCT DNA tests should screen for these microorganism, and if a strain is found, begin a long term course of multiple antibiotics and cellular support. If you look up the criteria for Veterans Disability, you will find your conditions are considered Gulf War Illness. GWI is Mycoplasma Fermintans Incognitus Strain, which was patented in 1991, by a Scientist working for the U.S. Government's Army Biowarfare Facility in Bethesda, Maryland. The effects of this contagious Bioweapon are described in the patent (which is a public document you can read).
You should notice that your condition is being adversely affected by infections, especially the Enterovirus, like last year's Enterovirus68 (patented by Nanogen).
You might find a Lyme Doctor who will properly test for Mycoplasma, and treat you, but you would have to pay out of pocket.
The bottom line is, the effects of the mycoplasma, which is epidemic in North America, were greatly enhanced when the epidural created the pathway to nerve control.
If you would like to learn more about Weaponized Mycoplasma, and it's long term affects, watch the leading American Microbiologist Garth Nicolson's Video on YouTube-Weaponized mycoplasma. Best of luck getting treatment.
I hang in there for the love of my children. Protocol:
eat lots of raw crushed garlic (taken with ice water), magnesium, potassium, mild lipid replacement therapy in the form of Flax Oil, vitamins, modified haftha yoga, all work in moderation, eat organic food & reverse osmosis water (moderation to releave as much of the intestinal pressure on my spine as possible, do the Hymlic bounce technique to help eliminate gas pressure on my spine, start my day with 1tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water, and also do range of motion physical therapy exercises. I do this every day, and do my very best to avoid catching a virus! If you notice that your urine fluctuates in color, and gets really dark at the start of worsening symptoms, you are expressing porphyria. Follow that protocol and get the APP for drugs not to take, I like the Nordic out of Europe, it is very accurate. And of course, avoid all neurotoxins, like alcohol and MSG. Hope this helps someone. It's been a long 25 years of discovery for me. I tried everything to convince my oldest daughter not to get an epidural, but she did, and a few weeks afterward she caught the Entervirus68, and is now in the same condition as me. I've warned her, and her husband, you can't get an incurable STD, like the rampant herpes, it causes horrible complications with mycoplasma.

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by Reema84, Dec 26, 2015
I got my both daughters via c-section & My first was born in March 2011. I was far along the due date and they tried inducing me on the 12th day with no results of dilation I had no labor symptoms or pain they gave mne epidural I was in a vague situation and mostly unconsciuos most of that time, they gave me so much but nothing worked finallyafter 23hrs of work done on me they gave up and took me in for c-section after we came home and within a month I started to have a bad back and a close to paralysed numb leg which hurt in a weird way and was difficult to walk even around the house doing chores or even picking up anything. I went back they ran loads of tests on me like internal ultrasound and so on but came up with nothing wrong and I was told it will take me upto 6 months to feel like before. Well that never happened its been now close to 5 years that my first daughter & 3.5 for my second daughter and things are downhill. My back is always sore and sometime exteremly stiff and hard to just get going for the day. Its difficult to do daily house chores or work around the office my daily routine has more and more pain and less and less productivity. Past 2 days I am feeling worse than ever this christmas was the worst time ever for this pain I get it at an exact location of my epidural and the pain  makes my back stiff and unable me to move, breath and even sit stand or lay in bed at different postures. I tried hot pads, belts everything but nothing is giving me any through the day relief. M<y husband gives me massage it relives but just for the moment. The pain is now went from my back & right leg numbness pain to my calves of both legs which made me miserable to even move around. I walk in a weird posture now I its becomes a little embarassing if I am at a meeting, restaurant or out somewhere.As I get up and walk in a bent back posture and not a typical straight position. I wanted to go to a Chiropractor but my husband had a second opinion on it. Finally I am giving up to this pain and going to see a doctor as I cant pop up any more aleve.
Help me understand whats going on with me.

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