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14 Weeks

Oct 24, 2009 - 0 comments

14 weeks


morning sickness







The official (in some books) start of the second trimester!

This past week we met with the doctor for the first time.  Since it's a teaching practice, we'll be seeing lots of interns (the first one was really great) but this also means that there'll be a ton of people available at all times for questions, etc.  The intern wasn't able to find the heartbeat and so she called the doc in... after a couple of minutes of searching and clarifying what stage of pregnancy I was in.. she found it! Just like everyone says.. it's just like a train chugging along in there.  An awesome and awe-filled moment for DH and I.  It really does make it all real. The heart rate was 152.

I've been feeling significantly better in the last couple of days! Finally seeing the light at the end of this sickness tunnel.... BUT.. not so fast.  Woke up today feeling horrible (it's early farmers market day.. so that might have something to do with it) and haven't shaken the nausea. Hoping with all hope that this is just a one-day set back and that I start feeling better again tomorrow.

Ahh the things that other ladies don't really tell you about pregnancy.  They abound, these little details.

On another note, DH's older sister had her little guy yesterday! Water broke & with only 3cm dilation 24 hours later, they had to take her in for a c-section.  Momma and baby are doing very well now... and to everyones amazement, this baby weighs exactly what DH's younger sisters baby weighed at birth only 3 months ago!  Both little boys too...  so either way, I'll be adding to the ruckus with my addition in the spring.  :D

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