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How I am using Taper tracker

Oct 24, 2009 - 0 comments

tramadol taper

I am using this tracker as a way to follow my tapering dose of Tramadol.  The number is the amount of MG I am currently taking.  I actually started the taper on 10/18/09 due to almost having OD'd the day before.  On 10/17 took 30 tramadols.  I started my tapered dose at 12 tramadols the next day.  I did have some withdrawal symptoms.  Every day they are getting better.  Currently taking 550mg or 11 tabs.  Plan to stay at this dose until about Wed.  then decrease to 10 for about 10 days, etc. Will monitor withdrawal symptoms.  Every day is a struggle.  Have not lapsed yet:)

Taper Tracker
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