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Neck and back Muscle restriction Er Visit

Oct 25, 2009 - 0 comments

Muscle Restriction

Today is Oct 25
Last Sunday I had to go to Er. After 3 days of muscle restriction i couldnt take it anymore. I had to hold my head to shoulder and lift right leg to help with the stretching and pain. It felt like my muscles where going to snap. Pain meds orally did nothing. I went to er and said look i want to know what is goin gon. If this attacks my other side i wont be able to walk. They took my urine and gave me a shot of some narcotic. I instantly was ablt to release my head and neck. My neck would move without pain. I was so happy to get relief till the Dr came in and said we see no reason for you to be in so much pain. From my urine you found nothing well lety me tell you sounds like they didnt believe me and didnt want to find an answer. I aske dif there was a muscle dr i could go to to see what was wrong with my muscles. Is it Lyme attacvking them or something else. I even told the Dr when i got there look i have prescription for Percocet and they are not helping i am not here for pain meds i am scared and this pain is horrendous i wanna know whats wrong. So basically i got relief while there but was sent home in tears because the pain will be back and i am no closer to knowing what it is. After about a week i took a hot bath and everything in my neck and back popped. Which helped so much. This started in my neck and spread from my fingers to my knee and pain in my right hip was excruciating it felt like a hollow throbbing.

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