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Dec 30, 2014 - 1 comments

Well, I am pregnant. It only took 2 months which is sweet but it felt like forever and I was getting discouraged. But we did it! Baby Nickley ( No, this is not baby's name, it's like Bradgelina but combined me and my husband's names) is on my mind... always! We have our first Doctor's appointment on January 7th and we are so freaking excited and a little bit nervous. Why are we nervous? What if the missed periods and positive pregnancy test were a freak accident and we get there and there is no baby. Or what if we do an ultrasound and there are TWO babies?! We have figured out how we will both be able to keep working and afford to live with a baby but I am not sure how we would do it with TWO and twins runs in my family. At the same time, i kind of want twins... I know, be careful what you wish for but I think it would be super fun, for some parts and I know it would be super hard for the others. Either way, I know that God has a plan and he won't challenge me with more than I am able to handle and I have my sweet husband by my side every step of the way! man, I love him!

I have been on and off sick. I had to force myself to eat and talk myself out of throwing up from the middle of the fifth week to the end of the sixth. Week 7 I felt great and thought I was done! That was easy. Nope. Week 8 hit and I feel sick again, I can hardly eat anything and I feel so squished inside, like all of my guts are touching too much. I will be 9 weeks on the 1st of January and am hoping for another week of fine before I get sick again. If that pattern keeps up, I think I can handle it.

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by ribaby15, Dec 30, 2014

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