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Sugar & Fat!

Oct 26, 2009 - 2 comments




Failed last couple of times to achieve weight goal. After initial success, I became less motivated to deny myself the pleasure of eating everything I liked that is said to be bad for my health. Will try again. Not desperate.

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by Sunlit80, Oct 26, 2009
Yup, I can surely sympathise with you on that one. It’s one of evolutions crueller ironies: making you crave fattening food to cope with a famine that (at least for us fortunate) is no longer a threat. Take comfort in the knowledge that you are fighting with an outmoded set of genetics , at least that’s what I try to do. *laughs* Keep at it, and eventually you’ll come out on top.

Hugs ‘n more Hugs

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by gofio, Oct 27, 2009
Thanks for your comforting words! I'll keep trying, hope you're OK ~ as I am doing fine for quite a long time now. Genetics is the source of everything we do. Nurture's not responsible! Best wishes, George

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