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My crazy dream

Jan 05, 2015 - 1 comments

crazy dreams



So last night I had lots of crazy dreams but there is one specific one I would like to remember.

I was 16 weeks along, not showing at all but I had delivered my sweet baby girl. She was 9 pounds and 1 oz and 19 inches long. She had 36 teeth (I don't know how many adults have but basically she had all of them) but they weren't all grown in the same amount so it looked kind of funny. I had delivered vaginally and was almost immediately able to get up and do whatever I wanted. I kept looking at my little girl (she really looked more like a one year old with her size and those teeth but she was a brand new baby) and saying, "I have always wanted my first girl to be Michelle Kay but this isn't Michelle. This isn't her. We need to come up with a different name." I could not make my brain or my heart make the connection. My husband said "give her the name and she will grow into it." But I couldn't, that wasn't Michelle. The whole dream everybody called her Brynlee (my niece's name). I was getting so frustrated because she isn't Brynlee, this is MY baby and it isn't Michelle so I don't know what to call her! ugh! Anyways, my sister (Brynlee's mom) was there and we were playing with little no name baby and she kind of made out some unspecified words and we were like, woah. So we asked her to say something specific and she said it clear as day and was walking around with her cousin and playing and talking. At 2 days old! With 36 teeth! And no name!

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by ribaby15, Jan 08, 2015
Sounds like you have dreams like me!! hahahhaa

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