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Another beautiful day in Cali.

Jan 05, 2015 - 0 comments

art sex sunrise movies

Nothing earth shattering here, I did go to Walmart yesterday. My big outing for the week! Whoopie. Shows you how exciting my life is...haha. Not that I am complaining, far from it, I have a lot to be thankful for. Got some hair color, beige blonde, the same. Two new shades of lipstick, a mauve and a café something. The big fat ones that you can just run over your lips quick, easy peasy. I need to take Rusty to Pinky Poo today (Doggie Beauty Parlor) only he is there to get his hinny glands done, poor little guy, it makes him so miserable. When he starts sliding on the carpet I know it's time again. They do his nails and rear-end for $7.00, not bad.
  I am going to start up my art again today, it seems like I have to wait for inspiration to get it done. Which is a shame because its been six months this time. I'm just glad it came back! I have picked out some cute pics to do, it happens to be kitties this time. :) I will put them up on my pics when I finish.
  The sunrise was another breathtaking sight today! Every morning lately, I tried to get a picture but it doesn't do it justice at all, darn it. It was just my phone cam so maybe my digital camera would take it right. I took a beautiful sunset with the same phone so I'm confused, does east and west make a difference? Weird.
Did you hear about Alan Derserwitz (ms) the famous attorney paying to have sex with children?? Alledgedlly. He and someone else that's a public figure. I already knew that American businessmen go over to Thailand to sex young boys as young as four! DISCUSTING!! I am all for posting their pictures on the front page of every paper. I am not just hating men for this, I know there are plenty of evil women too.
  On to something happier, my sister Brenda sent our family free movie tickets, can anyone recommend any good movies that are out right now? Okay, gotta go have breakfast, if you are reading these words?? Have an awesome day.

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