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finally heard back from the neuro surgeon

Oct 27, 2009 - 1 comments





CSF leak

Wow! We finally heard back from the NS office. The nurse called today, 6 days after the lumbar puncture. She said the NS doesn't think my daughter needs anything more than steroids to try to take care of the recurring bulge on the back of her head. The bulge has gone away twice after two different lumbar punctures, but it is coming back again. The neurologist thinks my daughter is having a reaction to the patch used to close the dura. I finally gave up in the current NS and made an appointment at the University of Minnesota. It must have been a miracle, but they just had a cancellation and she will be seen on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd. That's quick! Hopefully they will be able to help her. I'm worried about her schoolwork. She has missed almost the whole first quarter.

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by selmaS, Oct 27, 2009 sorry ur DD is still dealing with does make sense that after a LP the swelling goes down......what type of patch was it...sorry if I already asked...can't remember.

I pray this appointment will prove beneficial.

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