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the good news

Oct 27, 2009 - 0 comments

greeings forum members...

well I've managed to shave 80 pt.s of my alt/ast which shot up when I relapsed, I've halved all tx meds and plan on being off them completely in another month (remeron, ambien. ativan is gone now). Hopefully getting off all this stuff will lower numbers further so I can still treat with PI's when they come. Also adding and increase in and melatonin and milk thistle. We shall see.

If this stategy doesn't work then and only then will I consider the Infergen. The stats on it are so unimpressive in hardly seems worth beating a dead horse for a third year with that approach.

I'm excited about the boceprevir lead-in results as well as Inovios vaccine and hope this week's Boston conference will yield other promising results.

So where has Merrybe been?  I've been taking a long overdue break from thinking about this freakin disease...the last 3 months I've relanscaped my yard, replumber the house, painted the house, rebuilt the garden shed, put in a garsen and then filled the freezer with my garden veggies, and generally been a whirling dirvish trying to make up for my almost 2 years on treatment .....most of which was spent with anemia too severe to do anything.

It's been fun to get back to some kind of a life, and I've been having as much fun, albeit while busting a gut.
Go for the gusto....we can never get even one day back!!

Besides, all the activity has kept me from getting too depressed about my relapse, which can serve no one.

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