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UpDate January 2015

Jan 07, 2015 - 1 comments

Bare with me, Im on the phone lol. I barely get on because using the phone *****!

Okay, so on Friday January 2 I had an ultrasound. Went in thinking i was 12 almost 13 weeks. They started the ultrasound and could find no baby! One of the doctors said "i dont even see a gest sack, are you sure you got a positive preg test?" My heart sunk! Of corse i had like 5 positive tests! They loved around the little ultrasound thing and then.... Found a huge baby! Lol. Measuring 14 weeks. Very exciting and much more positive then not seeing anything. Heartbeat was 160, at 8 weeks it was 140! I go back to Dr on January 26th nd find out gender the second week of February!

On another note, my Aubree girl will be 2 in less then a month, that means in 2 months my Alyvia wil be 1. Aubree is so big anf smart and does all the funniest things. Alyvia is still so tiny and has the funniest personality ever... Together they are amazing and will keep you laughing. I made it 9 months breastfeeding with Alyvia before my milk went away so im pretty proud of that.

Life is great and only getting better. Ive eliminated a lot of the bad from my life, and learned to speak up and let myself known, even ththough its still hard sometimes. We are on the Road to better and the future its gonna be great.

Sorry if theres a ton of typos, autocorrect is not my friend like ever and im kinda in a hurry! :)

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by KTowne, Jan 08, 2015
Awee so happy for you, they need to look harder before terrifying you like that!!! So glad the girls are doing well and I can't wait to hear what this little one is!!

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