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Men VS. Women

Oct 28, 2009 - 9 comments

Let's battle on, ladies and gentlemen.

Alright, so.. why does it always seem that women are always so attentive, organized, and sensitive while men are just about the opposite?

What truly attracts us to them?

How can men DEAL with us?!

Why are women's minds like beehives, with millions of thoughts buzzing around, while men's minds are like a skipping CD on one topic?

This is only the beginning.


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by Hehayo, Oct 28, 2009
*laughs*, this is going to be an interesting topic if people actually do post comments to.   *laughs*, bit excited to see what will happen when people do start posting their individual comments.  I guess, one can say that this is just "spam" to which it actually kinda is.  I just, I'm fascinated with these kinds of topics. . . so I just thought I'd post a remark/comment on it.  

"What truly attracts us to them?"
Comments from a guy: *laughs*, I personally don't really know.  Maybe, we're just built that way. . . :P that the instant, well not always "the instant" we see the opposite gender we fall heads over toes over em'.  Like, I'm attracted to girls with really, really shiny hair.  Say, you put Megan Fox (now, sex-siren of Hollywood) who has, I'm looking up people(!) not down.  Who is a total raven with *#@$, blues eyes!  Man. . . it's like, those kinds of girls are like a flame to a moth like me. :P (I know,  corny analogue).  

-Hehayo, (a guy :(P))
PS: This is gonna be an interesting, possibly sexist topic. *(^.^)*. can't wait!  And this coming from a guy who attends UNIFEM conferences. (^.^)

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by iwouldbdanielle, Oct 28, 2009
I was curious as to what people will say. We're in the same boat, Hehayo. :]

I think eyes are a really big "attractant" to all sexes. And yes I mean all. Scientists are coming up with freaking things nowadays so who knows!

Yes, this shall be very interesting. I hope people reply :D

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by Hehayo, Oct 29, 2009
*laughs*, noone's posting... sad..

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by LindaTX, Oct 29, 2009
You know now days that ssounds like pretty sexist comments. Things have come a long long way from the fifties and sixties.  Lets not go back there.  Men should not be typecast in this day and time and neither should women.  As far as attraction, I think its chemistry, pure and simple. A guy can be great looking but there has to be something inside him that attracts you.  I have to admit, men are still more visual and always have been.  Lets get a conversation going....!

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by AireScottie, Oct 29, 2009
My mom just attended an educators' lecture by a brain surgeon, discussing how boys and girls learn differently.  He said MRI studies show that when women converse, we use both sides of our brains, but men use only one side.  This explains a lot!  

I also read another study using MRIs of young kids developing over time.  It showed boys use only the basic instinct part of their brains, while girls use all parts.  The most fascinating thing, though, was that when a concious effort was made to train the boys to use more of their brain, they were capable of it.  This makes me question how much of "boys will be boys" is learned behavior that we condone in our culture.  Do we simply expect more from our young girls?  Or do they learn better passively by simply observing the situation around them?

LindaTX is right though, you don't want to make broad assumptions.  I grew up with guys as friends, and am a scientist, and the way some women babble on and on drives me crazy at times :)  And I dated a guy with whom I broke up because he was way too girlie and emotional for me!

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by iwouldbdanielle, Oct 29, 2009
Nowadays, there really are no expectations. Those are the "typicals" that I always hear. "Men don't listen." "Women don't shut up." Blah blah blah.

Personally I think we're equal.

I'll write more later. Homework is calling *sigh*

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by sunshine1976, Oct 29, 2009
I have though "Oooh that man is so good looking", and then the mouth opens and down goes the attraction.  Personality is big for both sexes.  I think it's the same reason musician get girls, it's not the cool factor, it's the way they express themselves.

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by TrudieC, Oct 29, 2009
I would recommend everyone read "Men are from Mars and Women are from  Venus".  My husband actually made me read it.  He read it first and wrote comments in the margins, I had to do and add to the comments and then he read again.  I got in trouble for not commenting as much.  It really helps you to understand where we are both coming from and has dramatically reduced the arguments in our life.  He knows I don't want him to fix everything for me and just want him to listen, and I know he feels the need to fix things and gets frustrated when he feels helpless.  

The biggest issue between men and women today is a lack of communication.  I am in my 2nd marriage and am so thankful to be married to a man who tells me why he said or did something.  What an education!  He does mess up but it sure helps understanding it.  Most men react instead of talking about the real issue and then most women take it personally and then the arguments go on and on.  A man needs to know you have his back, that he is numero uno and have complete trust in you.  When he feels like that he is more likely to open up.  We are equals but we both need to know how to play nice in the sandbox.

Yes, the thinking of one thing at a time business drives me crazy.  I hate reminding him.  The man doesn't even remember to eat when he's involved in a project.

We are designed to desire each other - we do need to keep the species going.  Thank God mother nature made us fit together so delightfully.  I was reading a recent study where women who are on birth control pills tend to desire men who are a little less masculine, a slighter build, etc. and women not on birth control seem to desire more macho like men.  I would have to say that in my case it is true.  My first husband (and was on the pill) was small and light.  My 2nd husband (after tubes tied) is a big Italian and very manly.  Weird!  

Pheromones contribute to the attraction issue too.  Something in our background makes us more inclined to be attracted to certain traits and the personality is a huge factor.  I have known many men who I didn't think of as attractive but once I got to know them they became very sexy indeed.

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by sunshine1976, Oct 29, 2009
I LOVE those books.  Should be required reading in school.  If you offer Sex Education you should be required to take Relationship Education also!  
I read that same article about the pill and manliness.  I've often said I don't know what is so attractive about some of these new actors.  They all look like little girls. LOL  Give me a Gary Cooper over a Josh Hartnett anyday!

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