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Good dayyy

Oct 28, 2009 - 0 comments







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I had i super goood day. It all started with a early akaing at 10 ( i had imsomnia till 3am ) then i went to the gym and saw some cute girls there then we went to shopping my mom and my stepfather. It was a good day we laughed a lot and my neck if feeling way better. Ok i the past 3-4 days i take a lot of benzos like at least 2 6mg of bromazepam twice a day and sometime more but at least it makes me feel normal and help me neck like you can't even imagine!

I have an appointement in tomorow a 1pm at the doc to get some bromazpam and cymbalta... if he dont wanna give some to me i'm jus gonna steel his stetoscope ( worth 400$ )and run away! ( jk btw ) It's a private clinic and i gotta pay 125$ to see this doc so he better gimme what i want!

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