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I started today: Thursday 01/09/2015

Jan 09, 2015 - 2 comments






I wonder if this tool will really help me to look inside my deep feelings so I can organize my emotions, my thoughts, my feelings. Because I want to be able to go back to live life to its fullest, to have a goal I deeply want to accomplish, to feel the passion everyday to move towards such goal, knowing that I am giving my best every day, that I'm not letting time pass by, that I'm not wasting my life.
I want to learn to live with the circumstances in my life, with the things that are so painful to my heart, things that will never change like the fact that I was not able to live the life of my dreams, specifically being the mom I dreamed being to the two beautiful children I gave birth.
At least I started today. I pray tomorrow may be better than today. Amen....

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by weaver71, Jan 10, 2015
Something I have learned, there is no turning back the hands of time. I had to stop wanting to go back to ANYTHING. Hell, I've already been that old me anyway, it's time to be even better than before. I get to start from scratch, I get to manifest a whole new me now, like the 6 million dollar man, faster, stronger, better than before.  I'm not sure where you'd rather share, but I will ask the same question I did on your thread, "What inspires you or has inspired you." You don't have to feel it right now, but what is something important to you, that makes you want to DO something? Reflect on when you have felt inspired before, however long ago it may have been, what made you feel that way?

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by nonights, Jan 10, 2015
Hi. I feel compelled to tell you something. The past you cannot change. But you do have right now and what matters is what you do with right now. Try to stay in the now and celebrate your right moves. Dont get caught up in the past. Just do the next thing right and life (real life) will work out. Keep fighting the fight!

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