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Liver Biopsy Stage 0 Grade 2

Oct 29, 2009 - 8 comments

Doctor ordered a biopsy to see how the HCV is progressing now that it has been over six months since relapse. Good news is that the results show Stage 0. Nada is a good number for fibrossis.  Grade 2 is kind of expected, but with no fibrossis it looks good for waiting for the Telaprevir or Bocepravir approvals expected next year.

I am feeling good about this and overall.

A big warm "Thank You" to everyone on this forum! You've all been so supportive.


P.S. All the bloodwork is in normal range including Alk Phos, AST & ALT!

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by Bill1954, Oct 29, 2009
Those are some very sexy results, Brent. How nice to get that information at this time of year, too; maybe with that knowledge, you can bring more focus on celebrating the holidays with your family, and less time sweating the details about this d@mn disease.

A very hearty congrats to you, guy—


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by jdwithhcv, Oct 29, 2009
Great news Brent - thanks for posting that!. You made my day!


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by smaug48, Oct 29, 2009
Fantastic, Brent!!  Sounds like you can deal with it on your own terms :-)

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by child24angel, Oct 29, 2009
Congrats again my friend !
From the land of nuts:)


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by Proactive, Oct 30, 2009
Gosh, I popped into medhelp for a quick look and catch up, and what do I see...................Fantastic news Brent!!!...I'm pegging some of these new drugs getting approval by late next year, early '11 at the latest..and no, I'm not invested in any of them LOL----(actually, I'm in search of companies involved in magnets  for my speculation fun, have some chips down on up in Rocker's country)

any who, congrats and where yourself a big happy face for Halloween!!!

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by mikesimon, Oct 30, 2009
Great results Brent! I would sigh a big sigh of relief and just live life.
Be well,

412873 tn?1329178055
by Isobella, Oct 30, 2009
Wow!!!!  So glad I popped in and saw this GREAT news!

Good for you, Brent.  

Wishing you all the best!


338734 tn?1377163768
by IAmTheWalrus, Nov 02, 2009
Thank you all for the kind words. You all get a special place in my idea of heaven! I'll post some pics when I go skiing with my daughters (as soon as the snow covers the rocks). My TP surgeon is an accomplished and avid skier. Maybe I can make some runs and get some pics with him, too.

Fond regards,

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