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Baby #2!

Jan 12, 2015 - 0 comments

I had a gut feeling that I was pregnant but the test said negative. About a few weeks later, however, the test said yes! I was a few days away from my next period when I started noticing that I was more tired and out of breath than usual. I found myself having to take a break here and there. I figured it was the breastfeeding fatigue so I brushed it off. The moment, however, that made me take a second pregnancy test was one evening I suddenly felt feverish and sore on my upper body and then lower. I asked my husband to help me with baby #1 because I needed to lay down. This was very unlike me. I always take care of my baby no matter how tired I feel, but this time was different. An hour later I felt back to normal. I decided to take the pregnancy test just to rule out that possibility in my mind. I hid the test so my husband wouldn't see what I was about to do. I didn't want him to get excited if it was just going to be negative again. Just like my first positive pregnancy result with my first baby, I told myself it probably would be negative, just so that I wouldn't be sad if it said negative and there it was, the word Yes! I felt peace, a calmness. I had prayed months ago and trusted God would make me pregnant again at His perfect timing. I knew this baby is a gift from God. I decided to wait for the right time and way to tell my husband the great news. The next day, I wrote on my baby's onesie, "Hey Dada guess what? I'm going to be a big sister!". My husband noticed the onesie on my baby girl while he was seating her at her high chair to eat and stopped half way while reading. Then continued outloud the rest and with a big smile he turned to me and asked me if I was pregnant and with tears filling my eyes I said yes. He hugged me and I was so happy to see how happy he also was with these great news. But the real shocker was my mom the next day told me that the night before she felt God was telling her that there is a pregnancy. Amazed, I took that opportunity to tell her yes I am pregnant! I had been going back and forth wondering if I should keep it a secret from her for a bit longer but after hearing that it just felt right. Im so glad she knows also. I feel peace knowing God is in control of this pregnancy and that He will help me day to day.

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