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Gynecologist help needed!!!!

Jan 15, 2015 - 1 comments

Hello, I'm 17 and lately I've been taking antibiotics prescribed by my dermatologist. It's been a while now for about a few weeks or month, so two days ago I got this scratchy feeling on my labia. There was also tiny white stuff, a nurse I know has suggested me to use a castene cream and I did since a day now. Today I self checked and I say that there was a lot of white stuff like coming from inside and it looked clogged -it didn't look like tiny little pieces together but one huge thing- and I am scared. I can't go to the doctor (I have some reasons). Maybe I should stop taking my antibiotics? Maybe I should eat something or take probiotics?

It's my first time to get anything like that I'm really scared!! Help please?

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by Anonymousneedshelp, Jan 15, 2015
Canesten*** cream

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