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Feeling alone.

Jun 11, 2008 - 1 comments

Tired and sad



I had my appt with a Ortho yesterday and my husband could not even call me before my appt or after. I cannot call him because he works on a construction site and he calls me. It has not only been this time. When i have gone to mris' and other appts he has never made an effort to come. He doesn' task me how things are going. I only hear about the negative like the bills. I actualy did not go and look for help again because i was afraid of having another bill come in and him cussing because the mri's cost so much. I am so sad and feel so alone that it just makes me tired. I dont want to be tired any more. I need support. I do not complain all the time. I am in pain daily and yet i work i babysit  i just do not know. I am just alone i guess and will have to deal with this myself.

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by JennyVit, Jul 03, 2008
Hi, I am sorry that you are going through  this alone.  Why do you need MRI's all the time, do you know what is wrong? I think that (some men are just selfish jerks) but others have such a hard time dealing eith their wives getting sick.  Women are the conor stone of a family, they have no idea how to function without that and it is scary to them.  I this may describe him, the only thing I could suggest is finding a good time to talk to him and be totally open, however, if he is the other kind, you will need a support group of some kind, check the hospital, they have lists of all kinds of support groups.

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