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Nov 01, 2009 - 2 comments

Didn't sleep at all last night due to constipation but at last after a month it is sorted. Hope to sleep better tonight.

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by ginger899, Nov 01, 2009
That can get you after abdominal surgery. I got a bit of that after mine (fortunately mine only lasted 5-6 days) but movicol and an enema sorted it, plus lots of high fibre food, like bran and apples, lentils and stuff.....hope you're all fixed soon.

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by jenq1973, Nov 02, 2009
Hi ginger899 thanks for your message. My Operation went ok with a few complications can't believe its a month tomorrow. I was in a week due to having to have a bowel repair to as when they got inside everything was pushed back and I had a lot of adhesions on my bowel etc. I had to have 3 units of blood as I became very anemic and my breathing was terrible had to keep the oxygen on for 4 days. Eventually I got home only to be admitted a week later with a huge bleed i'd been in pain for a few days felt like a proper period. They did a scan and I have a hymatomma (blood clot) they decided not to drain it because of infection so am still bleeding but hopefully coming to the end now. Have to have a scan in 3 weeks. The only trouble I am having now are the night sweats and not being able to sleep because of gas pains. It is really getting to me now. I have also lost a lot of weight over a stone but I blame that on the hospital food as it was just awful. Speak soon x

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