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Janets Thoughts

Nov 01, 2009 - 1 comments

feeling sorry for myself

I wonder why this is happening to me. I am a nurse or was a nurse I can't hold up to work. I have a great husband and family that I would love to do things with.I mean like....why? I rescue animals I have 15 unplaceable dogs to prove it. I wont even kill a spider i put them outside. I need to be where I can enjoy what life I have left.

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by Chrissy1972, Nov 11, 2009
I too am I panic suffer and also cant explain why i have this. What causes this etc...I guess we must forget why, how etc and just learn to cope.
God bless you for saving those animals...shows just what kind of a human being you are. We need more kind people in this world.
Best wishes to you!

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