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Lovin' It!!!

Nov 01, 2009 - 2 comments

Good Company


all information appreciated


hi im so happy now


Meeting New People


help addicts

What I really like about this site is everyone here is sharing the real person they are inside, they're problems, issues, insecurities, unlike myspace or facebook where people pretend that life is perfect and you only know what people want you to know.

At least here I can talk to people with real problems or issues.  I can relate, give advice and receive it, I'm really happy i stumbled onto the MedHelp Community, yay!

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by drifter0213, Nov 02, 2009
i love this web-site too!

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by Karey17, Nov 02, 2009

I agree absolutely!!

Complete absence of pretensions. It's so so refreshing.

Lets have more of the same !!!!!!!


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