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15 weeks (2 days)

Nov 02, 2009 - 0 comments

15 weeks







A bit late on this weekly update!

We've finally moved into the new apartment... this place is huge and full of character.  An apartment in a home that is just over 100 years old! Moving out was quite tough when our help didn't show up... there were three full flights of stairs in the old spot.  Moving in yesterday though went very smoothly with lots of helping hands and DH's parents driving 3 hours to help and to drop off a couch! (a funky teal couch that is!)

The nausea has pretty much stopped... a cause for great celebration!  The indigestion and heartburn are in full force though.. and I think that I've gained a couple of pounds.   A good sign after losing 5 in the first trimester. Once I get the wii unpacked I'll be able to update my weight on this tracker.

Two more weeks until we go visit my family in another province and get to tell them in person about this little one!! That's getting so close and I'm getting excited... it's been hard to keep it a secret this long.

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