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*RANT* 12 weeks and Symptoms are getting worse!

Jan 17, 2015 - 0 comments

morning sickness




Early Pregnancy Sypmtoms



UGH!!! I didn't have awful morning sickness, it was very mild in the past.Now all of the sudden the symptoms are getting worse! I am constipated AND feel like throwing up. I just got my prescription of Zofran an had taken it three times. I figure that and prenatals and natural pregnancy things were what plugged me up. I seriously think it's been almost a week since I pooped. I decided yesterday that I am not taking either my prenatals or the Zofran until I poop. (unless it is extensive). But for real! I have been downing orange juice and apple juice and eating those little fruit cocktail cups and apples and carrots and drinking lots of water and other fluids and I just can't make it come out. Last night I got 3 rock hard deer droppings out in 45 minutes and oooooh!  It hurt so bad!! I took a warm bath after to try and calm my muscles that were basically stuck flexing. I am terrified of getting a hemorrhoid from this. I got one more deer dropping out this morning with slightly more ease than last night but now with this morning sickness today, I just wanna take the nausea medicine to make it go away! I am so freaking miserable and I can't to anything about it! UUUGGGGHHHH!!!!! AND I have to be at work through it all! I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep since apparently that is the only time I am not going to feel gross. I thought all of this was supposed to wear off in the second trimester. Well symptoms, you have 4 days to GO AWAY!!!

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