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8 more shots...

Jun 11, 2008 - 3 comments

Well, the Inderal for the hyperthyroid is working beautifully, and an added bonus, my HGB has come up a full point! What a difference! (10.8)...Never mind that my periods have stopped (can't say I'm too unhappy about THAT) and my hair is getting slowly thinner and thinner...Tomorrow and Friday are my thyroid tests...I haven't entered much lately as I'm trying to care for my Grandmother who has Alzheimers while my Mom takes a much needed vacation...She has been a Holy terror in her new group home and is very high maintenance...It's such a horrible disease...She's cut electrified lamp cords, urinates in garbage cans, steals other resident's things, keeps trying to escape, undresses in the dining room, follows the staff around swearing at them and demanding they do what she tells them to...Sigh...You'd never know she was the sweetest thing just 6 months ago...Oh, and I'm watching my Mom's  pregnant wiener dog who is about to have pups at any time...(and who ISN"T house broke like Mom claimed! AUUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!!)   LOL                                                                      ~Melinda
P.S. If that isn't enough?!? My local store discontinued my favorite Popsicles! The nerve! :)

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by Krusing, Jun 11, 2008
Great news about your good HGB!!!  The note about the Grandma with Alzheimers is soooo sad to me.  My Mom FINALLY passed on February 27th of this year from that long goodbye.  The sad part was I was 1/2 way through tx and couldn't physically get on a plane to fly for 2 hours and go to her funeral.  She's forgiven me.........

479224 tn?1214051852
by KarinP, Jun 11, 2008
8 more shot you go girl thats great happy to hear it.  I did my last shot last Friday and I am done with this mess for good.  Praise the Lord.   I am just worried about stopping the Ambein for sleep .. I already stopped the aniexty pills.  But if I dont get my sleep yikes.  What do you suggest?  
huggzz Karin

338734 tn?1377160168
by IAmTheWalrus, Jun 12, 2008
You can do 8 more on your head, I know it! Stay tough. You must be to do your job, but stay that way.


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