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Doctors Resign Over Coca-Cola Funding

Nov 03, 2009 - 18 comments

Coca Cola






William Walker







I found this interesting news article and wanted to share it our MedHelp readers. Here's an excerpt:


Nearly 20 doctors have resigned from the American Academy of Family Physicians after it accepted a grant from Coca-Cola to pay for education about the dietary role of beverages and sweeteners.

Contra Costa Health Services Director Dr. William Walker publicly resigned from the national professional association on Wednesday... He said: "I am appalled and ashamed of the partnership between Coca-Cola and the American Academy of Family Physicians. How can any organization that claims to promote public health join forces with a company that promotes products that sicken our children?

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572651 tn?1333939396
by Lulu54, Nov 03, 2009
This is interesting - I am always intrigued by the *full disclosure* affiliations that our medical professionals have with the sponsors.  I wonder how many of those doctors who resigned their membership have support from other corporations.

144586 tn?1284669764
by caregiver222, Nov 03, 2009
Life is too short for a human being to deprive himself of an ocasional coca-cola, and frankly, this business about "sickening our children" can get out of hand. It reminds me of the politically correct nazis who insist on every kid wearing a helmet when he rides a bike. Moderation in all things. Even coca-cola. Frankly, I am appalled and ashamed of a "big nanny" government that wants to put mom in jail for sneaking an ocasional smoke, and describes the coca-cola company as "The Evil Empire".

611149 tn?1342711527
by Preciouspg, Nov 03, 2009
Anything for the old mighty dollar!  Coco-Cola and the AAFP will try and pull the wool over our eyes, but to those doctors who resigned, I give them my full support and I'm sure they will help expose the dirty truth in all of this.  I'm happy to see that good doctors are starting to make a stand for proper nutrition and medical care and show the world how important it is.  I pray we all open are eyes and take a stand on healthcare and show these companies we will not be mislead anymore.

147426 tn?1317269232
by Quixotic1, Nov 03, 2009
Off Topic but begs for a response.  

Caregiver - As a pediatrician please count me among the "Nazi's" who insist on helmets on children.  In my pediatric hospital we had a whole neurologic "vegetable patch" ward of kids who suffered permanent brain damage from falls doing fun things like biking or skateboarding going modest speeds (like 4 miles per hour).  The "simple" fall from a bike or skateboard leads to tens of thousands of concussions and skull fractures a year.  Show me a parent who would rather risk a known danger to their child than submit to a protective regulation, and I will show you a person who, in my opinion, has odd priorities.

In practice I had about one (concussion or skull fracture from a bike fall) a week.  Sheesh!  The other huge cause is allowing a child to stand in a shopping cart.  When they go over they land directly on their head.  I would suspect that the parents who ignore the advice to put a helmet on their child is the same one who allow them to stand in the shopping cart.  It's a basic ignorance of physics along with apparently not understanding that the asphalt/ground/curb/floor is harder than a young skull and brain

Back on topic:

Resigning an academy over blurring the line between academic freedom and monetary is likely the only way these doctors have of affecting the Academy?  Such resignations were made over an opinion.  I respect that opinion.  Most doctors have no affilation with a corporate sponsor.  If the relationship with the Academy was for a purpose not related to the monetary interests of Coca-Cola, then I would have no problem with it.


458072 tn?1291418786
by peggy64, Nov 04, 2009
I don't think they should accept sponsership from any company that can "encourage" them to lead the public in their favor, in exchange for monetary terms.  Which is why coca cola is doing this. I would say this about any company, not just coke.

I don't see anything wrong with the occasional cola myself. But I do not drink them very often because I feel they are not healthy for us.

It might not show up now, but it is the same principle with taking care of a car. You change the oil every 3K miles to prevent problems. I say take care of your body to prevent problems down the road.

Avatar universal
by Rockerforlife, Nov 04, 2009
Benzene is a known human carcinogen (cancer causing agent) that has been linked to leukemia. It can form in soft drinks that contain both vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and either or, sodium benzoate, or potassium benzoate. Many soft drinks use sodium benzoate to stop bacteria growth and spoilage. Vitamin C can be present because the manufacturer added it or it can occur naturally from fruit concentrates used in the beverage. Soft drink manufacturers do not add benzene to the drinks directly, rather the compound is formed by a reaction to (ascorbic acid) and the preservatives that are added to the drink, in the presence of heat and light.

Believe it or not the FDA has known about this carcinogen threat for over fifteen years, and let the soft drink industry to voluntarily police themselves on how to best lower the benzene levels in their soft drinks. Presently the FDA is still hiding benzene data that they feel would be “confusing” to the consumers of soft drinks. I wonder if they think people will be “confused” as to why the FDA did not blow the whistle on this threat a decade and a half ago?

535822 tn?1443980380
by margypops, Nov 04, 2009
There will be plenty hidden in the future if this Health care plan goes through.I agree with care giver, I may want children to wear helmets but draw the line at calling the coka cola co the Evil empire ...maybe the physicians and pediatricians  could tell us if they will abide by the Hypocratic Oath ,when they are working for this Government.....

Avatar universal
by jo929, Nov 04, 2009
Marypops  I can ans that now   the ans Is no they will not abide by the oath they will do as they are told to do by the company they work for i have seen this to many times no money no Dr unless it happpens to be a free clinic i my self have beed with a person who has refused to treat the person because they have no insurance or money some dr will once, but not twice there is a sign in the Dr office that says all bills are to paid at time of service unless other arrangements are made, not like our ole country DR now are they used to they got their pay in eggs chickens just whenever or whatever they could now they meant what they said when they took the oath and rode a horse and made house calls some were lucky and had a buggy MY Grandfathers brother was a country Dr in the Ozark hills he had plenty to eat, but not much money but he said he went to school to be a Dr and treat people now those were the daysI told this story about this man going to the hosp he had had a heart attack well after the paper work and he said he had no money he was not treated this was in tulsa okla he went on out and he died in the parking lot one woman told me she did not beleive me but it is the Gods truth maybe things have changed, i hope so well i have said to much and not a thing about cokes what the heck a treat once in a while is ok i guess  every once in awhile i drink a diet pepsi but i am old so what the heck i am not going to get out of this world alive anyway   luck to all  jo

Avatar universal
by heather7628, Nov 04, 2009
One thing to say MODERATION  

334400 tn?1276897913
by Crochetya, Nov 04, 2009
Heather, I agree with moderation.

I personally don't care for carbonated beverages. I prefer a type of tea.

Coca Cola, is no different than the insurance companies. These large cooperations will do what they need to, and remain in there position. This is where the buck stops. If you can recall when Jack Kennedy was murdered, it was power, control, and money. This is on the same scale.  We no longer have democracy, and it didn't just vanish since Obama is in office. This started years ago. People are just now voicing what should have been done in the sixties. When the underground saw they could pull it off with Kennedy, they just kept it up.

Independent, Crochetya

Avatar universal
by jo929, Nov 05, 2009
Well i saw on tv they have found another way to get rid of the older people the shutins that were getting meals on wheels they have cut them down to a half of a meal instead of a whole one i heard there were going to be many cuts in the help for elder care oh well that is life  jo caregiver222 i rhink that if granny has arthuritis and she wants to smoke it helps let her go she is old enought to know what she is doing it beats the pain  jo

144586 tn?1284669764
by caregiver222, Nov 05, 2009
I recently visited a hospice that bans smoking anywhere on the grounds. Arguing "against" helmets is like being against God, motherhood, and apple pie. I am against the government criminally prosecuting parents for violating "governmental rules" to "protect the children".  There is a statue somewhere with a Roman Gladiator with his hand on a sword that says: "The state shall not use force unless Just laws are defied". I have lots of problems with kids riding skateboards, by the way. There are already communities that want to criminally prosecute a parent for smoking in their own home because there are children around.  Helmets on motorcycles are another thing. They reduce injuries, but as an old-tyme rider I can also say they "restrict situational awareness", and this, in turn leads to more accidents. I have already witnessed a kid picked up by the police and dragged to his parents home by a Mayberry cop who intercepted the boy peddling three blocks to a 7-11 to buy some milk for his baby sister and gave a "bad mother lecture" to his loving parent.

Avatar universal
by tlh777, Nov 06, 2009
When I was 2.5 yrs. old my doctor prescribed cola as a cure for diarrhea when I had strep throat and I became addicted.My teeth were destroyed by the time I was 15 and I am obese and have been ever since then.

Avatar universal
by Totie, Nov 06, 2009
If you live long enough, LIFE will kill you....

535822 tn?1443980380
by margypops, Nov 06, 2009
Well the government will let you die if OBama care gets in ......

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by doss006, Nov 09, 2009

Avatar universal
by Zebrajen, Nov 09, 2009
I was promted to this site when I had a health question and this caught my eye!
First I think that when money is handed to someone to do GOOD and provide for the people of his/her community, nation, WORLD then we should all be apperciative. BUT in the sense of COCA-COLA (which is my favorite soda pop in moderation)BUT did you know that manufactories like Coca-Cola are at war over WATER! Water guys. Water that we all desperately need. Now not in the US have I found a war but a war in India that is heart crenching. So in moderation it can be good but when do we say enough. AND when do we stop accussing others for the wrong choices we make. The next time you go to the frig for something to drink. Think of that soda and where it might have come from and who is doing without because you just have to have a COKE. NOW on the other hand, without the sale of a coke, then Coca-Cola can not share and give grants to those who are VERY intersted in helping his/her community ESPICALLY the kids of the world.

Recycle! Reuse! Reduce!
Remember there are billions of people on this earth and together we can make a difference.

Avatar universal
by Pharm_D, Nov 11, 2009
No tomen Coca-Cola, eso es dañino para la salud. Mejor es el H2O.

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