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Tsunami life :(

Jun 12, 2008 - 6 comments

Time withered in the sand
As illusions grew across the land
Many people came to see
What it was that just could not be

The ocean rose as high as trees
With people needing help from you and me
Sending money wasn't enough
As hope and prayers were needed more

All religions and nations
Came together in their aid
The people still have hope
To continue their lives once again

To feel the wrath of such tragedy
We can only imagine how it must be
But one world away, one can not forget
The strength of a Tsunami

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Avatar universal
by HyperGurl15, Jun 12, 2008
Rit this myself

517872 tn?1613422715
by real_jimmy, Jun 13, 2008
its really nice !

Avatar universal
by HyperGurl15, Jun 13, 2008
thank u i think ur really nice 2 haha kiddin hun u nice bloke cheers

460185 tn?1326077772
by lonewolf07, Jun 14, 2008
It is nice.  Wrote it yourself you say .... when the Man comes around ....

Avatar universal
by HyperGurl15, Jun 14, 2008
Yesz i did right it myself it took alot of thinking to do
But it came from my heart i injoyed iit

517872 tn?1613422715
by real_jimmy, Jul 02, 2014
so whats happening

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