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Better try

Nov 05, 2009 - 0 comments

So the "asthma" has been getting more and more out of control.  I desperately hate to take drugs - so yes, I am non-compliant.  And the symptoms do seem to resolve by themselves if I do nothing.  And I don't consider or feel that things are unmanageable or danger level.

However, I did realise that my best peak flow is about 350 (which I very rarely reach) - more usually I am about 270 - 300.  That means that this morning's reading of 90 (25%) would be considered well in the red (danger zone), by any standards.  

Reckon my doctor would be horrified if she knew.  Am still deciding if I should try to get in to see her or not (she usually has a long waiting list)....

Anyway, today I woke up with severe shortness of breath, and I then I took the symbicort and ventolin and this morning monteleukast.  

So I reckon I try the drug regime for the next month (I have 1 month supply of monteleukast), and then see what happens...

Another thing! :(

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