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OH 98 DAYS and I THOUGHT about using today BUT...

Nov 05, 2009 - 3 comments

I'm STILL plugging along... Poor Mom is a WHOPPIN 85 pounds.. She is SOOOO darn skinny (and tiny).. She is just withering away... She is STILL the CUTEST little lady in the WORLD... although her cognitive behavior is slipping.. "Earth to Mom.. Come In Please""""""

Plus.. the news of my nephew getting arrested REALLY puts another stress on the family...

And... the BEAT goes ON!

But... I'm still CLEAN!  for today... Havin' a rough one...Would a PILL make EVERY THING better???? I don't THINK SO... better yet.. I KNOW that it WOULDN'T!  I've got TOO MANY DAYS to GO BACK TO HELL

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by dominosarah, Nov 05, 2009
You answered your own questions.....There isnt one pill in the world that would help.  Get your riding clothes on and get out there with Mr Ed and feel the wind on your face and look around at all the beauty of nature and all the things you have to be grateful for...........sara

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by NorcoQueenoftheUniverse, Nov 05, 2009
Sara.. You just brought tears to my eyes... You are SOOOOO sweet and I thank you for that!

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by SophieShine, Nov 06, 2009
Norco, you are doing amazingly good, youu are a true inspiration to a lot of us, me included...
I'm very sorry for what your family has to go thru and for your mom but I'm so sure you make her soooo darn proud sweetie. You know the drill, one day at a time...
Keep on kicking the beast straight in his @ss!!!
love and hugs to you. sophie.

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