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HIV testing and Ignorance

Nov 06, 2009 - 2 comments

Today I was wondering about how knowledgeable people are about HIV, well It turns out most of the people I know are completely oblivious to the idea. So I went ahead and looked it up on Youtube, turns out there are some stupid people leaving comments on why noty to test yourself for HIV.

I was completely infuriated. I mean if knowledge is power this individual was saying that an HIV test could ruin your life.

This was that individuals comment:

     DON'T GET TESTED! these people will never tell you that:

    -your insurance carrior will drop you an in instant or will charge you 3-5 times more at policy renewal time
    -the govt will receive the results of your positive test and log it into permanent record
    -everyone at the hospital that sees your health record will be scared of you
    -you will not be allowed to travel to certain countries that have hiv travel bans
    -you will be banned from joining the military

    do u wanna risk all that ****?

What the hell are people preaching about now days?

If Youtube allowed more than 500characters per post this is what I would say:

    " Everybody should know their status on HIV. It is People and their carelessness or should I say Ignorance that    infect the rest of the population surrounding them.

* Test or no test if you are infected then there is no difference.

* Yes Insurance may drop you, but don't be afraid you can fight that and gain insurance( discrimination). As for rates to go up, they will..? why because an infected person gives insurance companies bad profits.
(thanks to the capitalist nation that America is we, ourselves, allow that to happen- If a CEO can't get 10 Million in extra profit that is a HUGE loss)

* Why go to the military, when you can go to school and lead a productive life!

* Don't be a fool and lead your life in idiocy

*there is such a thing as free confidential testing

*Suicide is an easy way out, Millions od people die from suicide over lesser things like breaking up w/a girlfriend, loosing employment, bankruptcy.

* I would like to show my regards to those living HIV+,  you are truely strong individuals.

-jf1gd2, do us all a favor and abstain yourself from sexual contact for the remainding period of your life."

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by Jebba, Nov 07, 2009
that's really dumb. What about the possible fact that if they have it they can recieve treatment to at least sustain their lives rather than just drop dead one day to a disease they never knew they had

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by djcurt25, Nov 07, 2009
I agree rooboo!  I have been doing confidential testing through and also through

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