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Sigmoid wall thickening what can it mean

Jun 12, 2008 - 0 comments

My wife has gone through a number of colon examinations from a full colonoscopy 3 years ago to a failed (only the sigmoid could be done) 4 months ago to a double contrast barium Xray a month ago because of the failed Colonoscopy to a Virtual (CT) colonoscopy a few days ago.
This first exam 3 years ago found 3 non cancerous polyps to nothing being found in either the failed colonscopy and Double contrast Barium Xray.
However the Virtual (CT) Colonscopy found nothing but a bit of Sigmoid wall thickening (very short scetion) just above the anus. Our family doctor who is careful stated he wanted to eliminate any possible cancer issues by having another Colonoscpy performed by a bowl surgeon with a biopsy of the part of the sigmoid wall in question.
All of these tests were ONLY performed because one of my wife's aunts died of colon Cancer at age 67 and no other reason except my wife is now 61.  She does have a active bladder which may have dropped a bit and had her urterius and overeies removed about 15 years ago.  I have seen a number of reasons for the CT (Virtual Colonoscpy) indicating a short section of sigmoid wall thickening from the CT being effected by adjoining organs to the bowel not destended enough ( I think I have this right).  She also had minor diverticulitus (spelling?)  
Can I have another reasons for what the small amount of wall thicken in the sigmoid just above the anus might mean?

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