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13th June - Biopsy today

Jun 13, 2008 - 1 comments








Well after waiting almost 3 weeks my Biopsy day is here -  I am having a Mammographically guided core Biopsy taking 6 samples  at midday today. I feel sick with fear... I am not bothered by needles as in injections and blood tests but somehow the thought of this biopsy and having 6 cutting needles used jsut scares me stiff!

I will get the results and have the new lump under my other arm examined properly on the 24th...

Still no news on a surgery date for David-  his GP will be calling the hospital today and asking for an immedicate appointment.

I thought I might have rats in my roof but it appears I have squirrels!

Well The biopsy was not as bad as I was expecting-  they chose to do an Ultrasound guided biopsy instead of the Mammoguided one and only took 2 samples not the 6 I was expecting -  so the procedure took 25 minutes and not 1 hour. Also they had a look at teh lump under my right arm and he thinks it is just a fatty deposit and nothing to worry aout at all.....

So now I feel a lot calmer and have to jsut wait till the 24th for the results.

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by mond, Jun 14, 2008
another long wait poor u xx good news about the lump under arm xx iv been thinking of u i will watch your progress  im sure things will b fine ill pray 4u for the 24th xx mandy

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