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my hubby


baby boy or girl




14 weeks

So I had a dream that I was at my Grandma's house and went to the bathroom. There was a little bit of blood and so I pushed and put my hand underneath and caught the baby. It was not quite as long as my hand and looked like a little seahorse with a human head and arms. I set it on the counter and stood just looking at it. I then ran one finger down the side of him (I somehow just knew it was a boy) and he squirmed and smiled at me! It was alive!

That's all I remember. I know I wasn't sad when I woke up which was weird  but I am pretty sure that that's because of how weird and seriously seahorse-like it looked that it didn't seem real at all.

Also, my husband had his first baby dream last night. It wasn't a happy one which makes me sad but it isn't happy for a kind of good reason? I will explain.

We were at the hospital getting ready to have the baby and we hadn't found out the gender so everyone was excited to see. Hubby had gone to get food for somebody and when he got back the baby had been born and "Congratulations!  It's a girl!" was written on the board. He was so upset that he missed it and there was no baby in sight. He asked where she was and I told him that they are doing some tests. I was sitting there pumping (don't ask it's not my dream) and his grandma was sitting on the couch. He went and sat by her. He asked how big she was and how much she weighed and none of us knew any of the answers. He got so mad he went into some small room and starting hitting the walls in frustration.

So, he was upset when he woke up but this is good for me for a couple reasons. 1) apparently it was a very quick and easy birth if it all happened while he was getting food. 2) He desperately wants to be there and his subconscious is worried about missing it which is so sweet to me. I love him <3

Another funny aspect of these dreams is that I am the one that thinks we are having a girl and he is the one that thinks we are having a boy. I almost always dream that it's a boy though and in his first baby dream it was a girl. We will see in about a month!

Anyways, just thought I would share

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