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There are six stages that addicts must undergo for long-term recovery:

Nov 08, 2009 - 1 comments

Transition – The period of time needed for the addict to realize that safe use of alcohol or other drugs for them is not possible.

Stabilization – The period of time in which the addict experiences physical withdrawal and other medical problems and learns how to separate from the people, places and things that promote drug abuse.

Early recovery – When an individual faces the need to establish a chemical-free lifestyle and builds relationships that support long-term recovery.

Middle recovery – The time for developing a balanced lifestyle where repairing past damage is critical.

Late recovery – The period of time in which the individual identifies and changes mistaken beliefs about oneself, others, and the world that causes or promotes irrational thinking.

Maintenance – The lifelong process of continued growth, development and management of routine life problems

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by jackieboy317, Nov 15, 2009
i wish i read this 12 yrs ago  when i gave it all up - booze and drugs  then i went back out and got drunk june 08 w my new  boss !  you see, when you really think about it , the relapse actually happened a few years  ago in my head  . the actual physical part of taking the drink was the icing on the cake.  this is what happens when you put things before your sobriety and your ego comes resurfaces !   i want it back ! il cut my arm off  if i have to to get my sober life back !. but i know this is all a test. at least i hope it is. God teachesand shows us in the strangest ways ! i will know a new way of really being grateful and what it means . idont and i never looked at it like i wasted 12 yrs but im lookng at it as if it were a dress rehersal for what is to come .  love pease and joy to you all  

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