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Poem for my mom; do you think she'll like it?

Nov 08, 2009 - 17 comments

My mom's been having a really rough time lately, so I decided to write her something... It *****, I know.

Standing underneath the stars
I can't help but think how far away you are
I can't remember the last time you held me tight
And whispered that everything would be alright
I miss your embrace...

Diamonds scatter the midnight atmosphere
I wish you could focus on what we have here
You work to the bone, and I know you're so strong
Afterall, you're the only one moving this family along
I hope you know we love you...

The sun's making its grand entrance, feel the warmth?
I wish I knew what goes through your head
Soon enough the sun will rise and planets will align
Just wait out the darkness. Just wait. Everything's gonna be just fine
The sun's coming...

--- Most people might not understand this, but oh well. Mom will.
I wrote her a letter to go with it. :


I know it's been one heck of a year, but you shouldn't let the whole world keep you down. You probably feel like you've got concrete shoes, but you have to remember the cement weathers and chips away. They'll fall off soon.

Forgive, forget. Live, learn. Laugh, love. Smack, kick, punch, spit. Y'know. Smile through all of the pain. Live for today, not tomorrow's satisfaction. Be POSITIVE. Enjoy the small things in life. Be patient. Don't be easily discouraged. This mess will be beneficial in the long run. Just think of what all it's taught you.

Dylan and I love you so much. I know you feel terrible about our birthdays and not getting us much, but I don't care. The best thing you can give us is love, and you've showered us in it.

I can't promise you the sun or rain. I can't promise this is going to get better anytime soon. All I can give you is HOPE.

I love youuuuuu,

-------- Whaddya think? :\

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585414 tn?1288941302
by ILADVOCATE, Nov 08, 2009
With the difficulty times the family is going through she'll be happy you thought of her to begin with. Sometimes there isn't a need to self critique. The idea and the emotional support the poem conveys is what matters..

808144 tn?1332724340
by iwouldbdanielle, Nov 08, 2009
That's kind of what I was thinking. I just didn't want it to sound so utterly stupid.

495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, Nov 09, 2009
If you were my daughter and i got this i would be so proud you.....sara

808144 tn?1332724340
by iwouldbdanielle, Nov 09, 2009
I hope she will be..
Thanks Sara :]

Avatar universal
by Dazon50, Nov 09, 2009
Dani...I feel the same as domino.  I would be proud/happy to have you with your "creative/zany/unique....." self to wink & smile and laugh with.  You are a poet after me own heart :-)))))))  

How can this not touch your Momma where it counts and be a gift ??????


770551 tn?1305578901
by sunshine1976, Nov 09, 2009
Sweetie it's awesome and she'll love it.  What a wonderful gift.  I am so proud and I'm not even your mom. LOL

808144 tn?1332724340
by iwouldbdanielle, Nov 09, 2009
Thanks ladieess. :]

I gave it to her when she dropped me off at school. I nonchalantly passed it to her and she asked, "What's this?" And I just smirked and said, "Read." Then walked into school. She texted me in 4th period, so around 10? And said "Thanks. Love you"

That's all she said. She hasn't said anything else sooo... oh well.

It was worth a shot.

770551 tn?1305578901
by sunshine1976, Nov 09, 2009
Maybe she's really emotional over it, (I know I would be) and doesn't want to bring it out in the open.  You did a good thing Sara.  Some people just aren't as comfortable being laid bare with their emotions as we are, It doesn't mean they are ambivolent.  They just digest and react differently.  

Love ya,

808144 tn?1332724340
by iwouldbdanielle, Nov 09, 2009
Usually I can tell when she's like that. Idk, she probably just blew it off. I gave it to her, oh well.
I kinda wish I didn't now.

Thanks for all the insight! :]

Avatar universal
by Dazon50, Nov 09, 2009
Dani...please don't regret ever giving your best from your heart :-)))  It is the one thing I know in my own life that is right no matter what I go through.  Even when bad things happen, no one can ever take the good away from me that has gone on or that I have in my heart.

Some don't jump up and down and act in ways that say they are excited.  I have learned along the way that people process differently.  Your momma might even feel bad over things she hasn't done or has done/said and be "choked up".  

I can't imagine anyone not treasuring what you wrote :-))))  You have an ability to say things in unique ways :-)))))

770551 tn?1305578901
by sunshine1976, Nov 09, 2009
Don't wish that, You did the reaching it just might take awhile for her to reach back.  Never regret offering someone a piece of yourself, if they reject it, the regrets are their's and their's alone.  When you open yourself like that sometimes it's wonderful and a lot of the time it hurts but in the end you can say you lived your life according to you, not according to others.  My biggest regrets in life have come from not saying things.  O.k. I'll stop before I go all Hallmark card on you.

Avatar universal
by Dazon50, Nov 09, 2009
Sunshine :-)))  What is wrong with going "Hallmark"!    Personally I like the sheep cards by!  

I want those sheep (not the stinky ones...:-)  Just like the m&m creatures in the commercials.  I said years ago they could come live with me if they had no hotel room :-)))

Dani---you are a treasure.  Your mom knows it.


777052 tn?1333504781
by Wiley_Willow, Nov 09, 2009
Aw, that's so sweet! :-) I'm sure she appreciated it.
Luff ya

Avatar universal
by p527, Nov 09, 2009
She must be a pretty awesome woman to have had a daughter that can love so much.

You are amazing!!!!!!!

719902 tn?1334165183
by jenkaye21, Nov 09, 2009
Wow, what a great kid!  I'm sure your mom will treasure your poem always, and i KNOW you made her day.  I hope my daughter is as sweet as you when she's a teen! = )  You are one smart, sweet, and mature young lady.

942557 tn?1272694819
by chasha33, Nov 09, 2009
Your poem was beautiful and i'm sure that it really meant alot to your mom.She is really lucky to have such a sweet and caring daughter.

808144 tn?1332724340
by iwouldbdanielle, Nov 09, 2009
I'm not that great of a kid, but thanks for the compliments. :] Excuse my rudeness, I'm not very open to... compliments. Lol.


p527; yeah, she issss a pretty awesome woman. I wish you knew her, she's probably the strongest person I know.

It pretty much stinks not knowing how she "feels" about me, or anything, but I suppose that's just life. A big, stupid, mad libs type thing. I have to fill in the gaps.

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