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I been in pain since 1999

Nov 10, 2009 - 1 comments



Chronic Pain





I am a 43 y/o female mother of 3 children 2 girls and 1 boy and 1 grandson ,I been a  pcna since 1995 been working full time on day shift since 1995-2003 and in 2004 I  been working knights shift because of my diagnose of Fibromyalgia and now I am diagnosed with moderate degenerated disc or thoracic spondylosis and  right tendonitis of the hip along with 1 disappeared ovary and 1  ovarian cyst. Wow a lot to swollow but I am copeing because it could be worst . I am blessed because I don't have diabetes or Ms or ASL or sickle cell anemia although I do have the sickle cell trait. and I don't have CHF or any other serious disease ,but chronic pain is a disease if its not managed , But I still believe I am lucky but also sadden because my career of being a nurse assistant has to end. I love helping the sick and injured but now I have to take care of myself I know there is something on this earth that god want me to do I just can't figure it out but I know I must turn to the bible and soon the answer will be there. For all of you who are ill and are in pain my blessing and prayers will go out to you.

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by jackie779, Nov 10, 2009
I feel for you sounds like your going through an awful lot.  people who are care takers all of their lives seems to have the hardest time being the one cared for.  sounds like its your turn.  It seems the most compassion comes from a person who has had to go through rough times themselfs.  Be patient with yourself give yourself time to be cared for.  We unfortunately cant always see what God has for us tommorrow but He has an ultimate plan and you are also a part of that plan.  Take care and I hope for the best for you

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