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Doxil Rd. 1 and 2

Nov 10, 2009 - 1 comments

I write this journal so I have an accounting of what is happening.

Doxil Round 1 was uneventful.  Usual constipation.  Used ice packs on hands and feet for 48 hrs. (except @ bedtime). Also drank lots of cold drinks and ice chips.  Layed around on sofa or recliner with just a loose shift on.  When using this laptop, put a pillow under so NO pressure points or heat.  Did not stay in one position too long .. again so no pressure points and trying to avoid any rashes or blisters.  Lost my taste buds around day 5 thru 7 or so, but  came back just fine.  So far, so good.

CA 125 now up to 215 (100 pts. in a month).  I am told this is normal for the at the beginning.  I will get 4 rounds and then maybe a scan before changing drugs yet again.

Round 2 .. same as round 1 so far.  Had to do liquid diet for 24 hrs .. but everything going smoothly at last.

I should be in good shape for Thanksgiving and the next round is the Dec. 7th so Christmas is looking good as well as New Year's as long as I behave myself for the first few days following chemo.  I feel pretty good .. a little tired .. and sitting around is NOT my favorite thing .. but will do it for a good holiday season.

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by jane65, Nov 10, 2009
Hi Judy,
I just saw this entry in your journal, and it sounds like you've got dealing with the Doxil under control. You're a strong lady and I know that you're up to the challenge.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years....... lots for you to look forward to!

Stay strong,

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