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Gawai ga warui desu~

Nov 10, 2009 - 1 comments














So, on 11/8/09, at night time, after dinner, I felt really sick. I was getting nauseous, tickles in the back of my throat, and I felt like I needed to gag. Also, every time I swallowed, it (a) felt like there was something stuck to my throat, a little way down on the left and (b) every now and again when I swallowed, I got this uncomfortable copper/iron/bitter taste in the back of my mouth. Very yucky! I didn't actually throw up; took 1 dose of pink and 2 tums, couldn't get to sleep 'till about 2 am.
Next day, skipped breakfast and went to school. During math class, at 9:52 am, my lower stomach felt like I was going to get the runns; you know, hot, painful, twisty. But, it passed after a few minutes. For lunch, though, I was feeling hungry (since around Halloween, I haven't really had an appetite) so I ate a piece of bread with butter on it. When I got home, I had a BM, which was regular and helped make me feel better. Ate dinner with family, but not entire dinner. What was offered was grilled cheese w/ tomato soup. I was feeling a little better, not hungry, better, so I ate a bowl of tomato soup and then tried eating some bread w/ butter. Ended up eating about 3 pieces of bread with butter. It all tasted good. I had a lot of HW that night, so I was up late. At around 12, started feeling a little sick again; bad taste and tickle in throat. Passed for about 20 minutes, then came acid reflux (AR). Took 2 tums and it calmed down a bit. When I knew I would be OK till the next day, I went to bed.
Today started out well. For breakfast I ate a piece of toast w/ butter and a go-gurt. Got to school and was fine, too. This made me happy. Ate a bag of Doritos, cheese, at around 9:30-9:45 am, and a PB&J sandwich at 12-12:15 pm. At around 12:50 pm, ate two pieces of chocolate cake. Felt fine until 2:34 pm, when I felt sick again; same thing, nausea, tickle in throat, AR, and bad taste. Took 2 tums and I made it home. At 4:45 pm, felt the same thing again. Took 2 tums and the AR and nausea subsided a little. At 5:13 pm, AR came back. After that subsided, at about 6 pm, a little earlier, tried to eat some chicken noodle soup- downed it and stayed down. However, at 7:13 pm, I was sitting at my computer when all of a sudden my lower gut felt weird; like someone was grabbing my intestines, but not that painful and not that urgent. But, along with it came the sudden, strong urge to run, and I felt really, really out of breath, like I couldn't take an entire lung-full of air. It passed quickly, after about 10 seconds, but it was really frightening. Scared me really bad, I had no idea what my body wanted to do. After that, at around 8-8:30, I was feeling like there was constant motion in my stomach, like digestion but very, very noticeable and constant; it wouldn't stop. OR, like there was a hot'n'cold pack in my stomach, flashing from hot to cold constantly. At 9:52 pm, I was standing next to my bed, petting my cat, when I had to burp. It felt like it would be a normal burp, so I try and burp; but, at the end of the burp, I felt something actually, like, wiggle or move in my stomach, and a rushing heat into my face and neck. I managed to swallow, but it was really freaky, and made me feel super uncomfy. I took 2 more tums, and  at 10:07, my stomach began to really hurt. Right now, nothing new is happening, though my stomach still feels like super weird like the hot'n'cold pack is still there. Also, since about 8, it's also felt like it's difficult to breath, like when you don't eat anything for a while.

During the times that I felt sick in these past few days, each time it felt like my stomach was either hot and moving around a lot or just in pain (upper left abdomen), and sometimes my lower gut would feel like its moving a lot, too. Might just be digestion, but it feels to out of the normal, like a toilet that is constantly flushing. I just don't feel it's normal. Also, each time I felt sick I also got this little cough, a one-cough kind of thing. It feels highly uncomfortable and I really don't like it; only comes around when I'm feeling sick. Sometimes I'll burp, but a lot of the times it will almost or will regurgitate, not the normal 'only-air' kind of belch. And, when this happens my throat usually feels thick, like someones gripping it, and it becomes really hard to swallow, like there's a sour tasting lump there.

Something is wrong. But what is it? I can eat but I really, really, really don't want too, it's too uncomfortable to deal with the symptoms after.

I also noticed that about two weeks ago, I would start to feel sick at school; nausea and upset stomach only. It usually occurred during the last two hours of school, mostly around 2 hours after I ate lunch. Is this just a coincidence? I don't think so, because it happened also at about 7 or 8, 2 hours after dinner, and it happened almost everyday. What could that mean? It's starting to happen again. Is this all a side affect of the medicine, Zantac, that I'm taking? maybe a drug overdose from too many tums, or something? I don't know, but I'm constantly afraid to eat because I don't want to feel sick anymore.

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