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just scared

Nov 10, 2009 - 2 comments

I am 23 weeks now. My last checkup I weighed 138 and today after almost 4 weeks i weigh the same... it worries me why i m not gaining any... all i gained during the last 5 months is 4 pounds. I do eat 3 full meals and snacks in between. I cannot eat a lot of quantity during my meals because i feel full. I can feel my baby move few times a day but not as much as i would like. My next appointment is on 14th, 3 more days to go. I am getting my ultrasound then. I am really scared that i may get some bad news... I didnt have ultrasounds after my 10th week. after hearing some of our friends recent experiences here in medhelp, I am really worried. I am staying at home from the beginning of this pregnancy. So not much travel or stress.  

After going through so much trouble with TTC and ectopics and terminations it is so hard to believe things would be fine this time. Even harder to imagine it can go wrong...  Keep praying is what i can do now...

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by mamaofonetrying42, Nov 11, 2009
Just because you are not gaining weight doesnt mean something is wrong. Dont worry yourself in till you have too. Your scale at home could be off by the scale at your Ob's office.....? Hope you have a good Appt and stop worring!! Im sure everything is Ok!

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by Ashelen, Nov 11, 2009
Don't worry about the weight gain....if it's really a problem your OB will help you figure out a diet, but most likely your baby is just taking all the nutrients from you and while s/he's gaining weight, you're losing it. I know women who only gained 10lbs their entire pregnancy and they only weighed 110 to begin with!! I've also read that the baby moves less from 19-24 wks because they're starting to feel cramped. After that they still move less, but the movements are stronger because they're so much bigger. Stay calm for the little one, if you're feeling him/her move you're most likely fine :)

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