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tdf plus pegintf plus high dose vit d3 to make intact pth lowest normal and hbsag low, this in 2014

Feb 04, 2015 - 1 comments

48weeks of this combo in 2014
fibroscan is around 4kpa since long time
hbsag baseline 2800iu/ml
hbvdna of course less than 10iu/ml and not detected

hbsag after 48weeks of this combo 699iu/ml hopefully will keep going down

during and after peg i found that high dose vit d3 makes more pegintf response especially on such high hbsag as i was that usually do not respond in most patients

goleic gcmaf is able, at least for me, to make pegintf sides to null.without it i had horrible sides effects

another round of peg would clear hbsag but since my liver was cirrhotic in 2009 i prefer to let it rest and see if i can clear on tdf plus goleic gcmaf plus high dose vit d3...still to determkne doses and response to this

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by almaja, Feb 06, 2015
Hi did you add interferon to your treatment and what kind of simphtoms did you have on it?

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